Virginia's Finest

This is my web page to present some of the works I’ve completed during summer in English 111. Our theme for summer semester  was “Get out and have some fun.” Although I had fun experiencing Eastern Virginia, it was hard work developing reviews on those said experiences. I must say it was a long journey, but I had a great English teacher to guide me along the way.

            In my first essay, my assignment was to write about “a defining moment.” My defining moment was written about me becoming a mother. I developed my essay based from reading Langston Hughes’ defining moment “Salvation.” I believe becoming a mother was a life changing experience for me, and my life will never be the same because of this blessing.My Defining Moment

            In my second essay, I wrote about my camping trip to Newport News Park. It was a great camping trip that I spent with friends and family. I wrote a review on things that are available to do at Newport News Park. That was my first camping trip since I moved to Virginia back in 1999, and camping has always been my family tradition in California.My Camping Trip

            In my third essay, I wrote about my Memorial Day experience at the beach. I went to Buckroe Beach in Hampton, Virginia. I had a great time with my family there. There were lots of things to do there. I’m not very big on getting in the water at beaches, but Buckroe Beach was a great place I could fish at.My Memorial Day Weekend

            My final essay, was written about my Fourth of July experience in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Virginia Beach was a wonderful place to visit, and was packed full of activities. I went to Ci Ci’s Pizza, and that particular chain was great. My family enjoyed themselves there.  My Fourth Of July