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Hi welcome to my home site located at Virginia Highlands Community College. My name is Mary Sullivan and I am an Associate Professor in the Information Systems Technology Department. Gadgets on this page help me keep up with the news, weather and remember what day it is (especially since I suffer from the "forgetful Professor" syndrome). Please feel free to visit any of the links I've provided below.

I also advise in the Business Administration with a specialization in Business Information Technology Program. This Associate of Arts & Sciences Degree allows students to complete two years of study on the VHCC campus and then seamlessly transfer to a four-year college to pursue a bachelor's degree. Graduates will have a comprehensive knowledge of business practices, with a strong background in the IT field, making them excellent candidates for jobs in:

  • sales
  • marketing
  • human resources
  • finance
  • accounting
  • operation
I wear many hats and currently am the advisor for the Information Systems Technology programs which include the basic IST degree and the Networking Specialization. Students who take these degrees are interested in returning to the work force upon completion, usually two years. This is an exciting field that can lead to the following jobs:
  • Software Applications Programmer 
  • Database Associate 
  • Program Tester 
  • Web Page Developer
  • Network Administrator
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Computer Support Specialist
The best way to contact me while the LRC building is closed is to send email. I check it frequently each day. Contact me at: msullivan@vhcc.edu, msullivan@email.vccs.edu or by phone at 276 739-2400.

I am also available in Google Chat and Google Hangouts at msullivan@email.vccs.edu.

My on campus office is located at LRC 217; however, I won't be on campus until the LRC opens up again in September 2014. So look for me in Google Chat or Google Hangouts. You can always leave a message for me at the BHS Division Office 276 739 2400. 





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