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James Johnson

July 13 2011

Eng 111




Do you have any grandkids?  Then you know just how loveable they can be.  I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t just love them.  I love my grandkids very much.  Jamari is six years old.  He loves his Poppa very much we spend every weekend together.  He calls me every day and says, “Poppa can you come and get me? “I want to come to your house.”  On a recent nice sunny day out doors I didn’t want to sit around the house.  We decided to go to Bluebird Gap farm here in Hampton Virginia.

 Bluebird Gap farm is like a little zoo for small kids.  It’s not that big also they have a small collection of animals to see the weather was just right for us it was a nice sunny day lots of people were there.  There are lots and lots of big green oak and maple trees in most places where you can find a little shade to fight off the hot sun.  So we walked in the gate of the farm and the first thing that hits us was the smell from all the animals there.  We both heard them as we approach the farm.  My grandson was so happy.  I could see he wanted to be there because it was all over his face.  We could see turkeys gobbling along with many other types of birds.  As we continued walking along the path, we saw ducks in water.  My grandson said, “Poppa look” “look at all these ducks and their babies.”  I replied yeah baby Poppa see’s all the little duck.  After the ducks all got back into the water we walked on a head and spotted a deer.  In order to get the deer over to us I was eating some peanuts my grandson said “let’s give the deer some of your peanuts” reluctantly I empty some in his hand and the deer came over to the fence and scoff them right out of his hands.  As we walked a little further we noticed lots of colorful roosters running around in an enclosed fence, fighting.  There was many colors, red, brown, yellow, white, and some of the roosters looked sick to me like they had rabies virus, because they had no feathers at all.  But it was good for me that they were fenced in so they could not transmit a disease to anyone.  We walked further and we noticed a peacock.  With green feathers that where so long suddenly it opened up its feathers and displayed lots of green, blue, white, colors this peacock really put on a show for us even though at first we thought it wanted to attack us.  Because it was running toward us as it flutter its wings trying to intimidate us.  I just wasn’t about to budge I just had to protect my grandson from harm.  Nevertheless, man it sure was pretty seeing the show as the peacock displayed its colors, moving backwards and forwards toward us making this funny hissing sound it makes.  We even saw another peacock on a roof and, it jumped down over our heads while we walked pass.

James Johnson,,
Jul 14, 2011, 6:10 AM