~Summer filled with fun, joy, and lots and lost of heat!!!~

Welcome!!!! This site is all about my summer for 201. To you, my summer may not seem to be as exciting as you would think summer should be. For me, the summer is not over yet!

Brief Description

I am a college student at Thomas Nelson Community College
My name is Khristen. Unfortunately I didn't spell my name right when I made the site
I enjoy the outdoors (you'll find this out when once you start reading my essay's).
 I love the summer!!! It is summer is my favorite season, besides spring, because I hate the cold and I hate feeling cold.
That is the end of my brief description

Enjoy my summer pictures.

I love the rain. This summer there were a lot of thunder storms. I love the smell of the rain,
and I love to listen to the thunder storms at night. I would open the window just to hear the raindrops hit my window (If you haven't notice I have raindrops as my background on the site).

I wish the beaches, here in Virginia, looked as nice as this,
because I love the beach. I enjoy looking out across the horizon.

I love the country and the woods. Summer is the perfect time to see lots of wildlife. I love to hear the wind hitting the trees and the
sounds of birds filling the air with their music.

Enjoy the site! You may add comments if you like.