Important Steps

After deciding what JTCC Degree Program best fits your teaching plans, it is important to do the following:
  • Go to Transfer Information and decide where you want to transfer.
  • Plan your courses so that you fulfill the four-year college's requirements while completing your JTCC degree.  For example, if the four-year school requires one life science and one physical science, you will want to take BIO 101 and a CHM, PHY or NAS course.  On the other hand, if the four year school requires two life sciences, you will want to take BIO 101 and BIO 102.  Consult the four-year school's requirements for language and history, as well.
  • Complete any developmental English and/or math courses that you are required to take during your first semesters.
  • Take SDV 101 during your first semester at JTCC or soon thereafter.
  • Take EDU 200 after completing 24 college credits.
  • Take the Core Academic Skills Tests for Educators in Reading, Writing and Math during your last semester at JTCC.  Go to to sign-up for the tests and to prepare for them.
  • Join the Future Teachers Club and network with other prospective teachers, gain valuable leadership skills, participate in club activities, and meet faculty advisors.
  • Volunteer in the community!