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Hi, my name is Jessica smith and I’m from Miami, Florida. I began living in Newport News, VA when my husband joined the U.S Navy. I have been living here for about three years now. I just started going to college this summer. I haven’t really been to school since I finished high school back in 2008. I met the most fantastic English professor ever, Mr. D. I also made a few stupendous friends during summer school. I never thought that college would be this fascinating.


So far, this has been a very charismatic summer for me. As I began my English class, Mr. D wanted us to write about a defining moment in our life. I came to the conclusion to write about my adoption. I found out that I was adopted at the age of fourteen. It was tough on me, but I had so much support going through this agonizing experience. I had a hard time writing this story because it brought back heartbreaking memories, but I felt like it was time for me to share my story. I felt it would probably help me feel better about it as well. In the long run, I think it will also help other people that are going through it or have been in my situation. However, it’s a highly interesting story, you should read it.


As days went by, Mr. D had us write about what there is to do around VA, locally, during the summer time. He assigned us to go out with our colleagues and have a great time and write about our experience. Well as for me, I went to a Latin cuisine and nightclub in Norfolk, VA. I can say they have amazing customer service, great prices and outstanding music. I haven’t gone out to a Latin place in a while since I left Miami three years ago. I danced all night with my friend Vanessa. I even danced with the chef, now how often does anyone get to do that? Overall this was a great experience for me because I come from a Latin family and it reminded me of how my family used to be when we were all together back in the days having parties and dancing all night. I also went to Water Country USA in Williamsburg, VA. I went with my wonderful family, my husband, Troy and my son, Tristen. Water Country USA is the place to go if you want to get wet, go on rides, swim for a little while and even take your children to the kiddy section. My family and I pretty much hung out in the kiddy section most of the day. We just wanted our son to have a blast. We went in their wave pool for a while but we were mostly in the Hubba Hubba Highway, Known as the lazy river but just so that you know it’s really not as lazy as they say. Mr. D also wanted us to write a review on a movie, restaurant, or a song. I choose to write a review on a movie called Twilight. I can tell you right now that I absolutely adore this movie with a passion. If you haven’t seen this amazing, enchanting love story, then you better get on it. Twilight is about a powerful love between a human and a vampire that no one can tear apart no mater what the circumstances are. This movie will attract attention to anyone and will absolutely have anyone fall in love with this story just like I did.


In conclusion, I hope whoever is reading this enjoyed looking into my website and reading all my great essays that I have to share with everyone. I appreciate making new friends this summer and meeting an outstanding teacher, who is very helpful in every way. I learned so much from Mr. D and I am grateful that I chose him as my English professor. I had a marvelous summer and I wouldn’t change it for anything or any other summer I’ve had before. I can say that this summer I really got out there and experienced things that I never thought I would be doing. I also think that I wouldn’t have made any friends this summer if I didn’t start school for the first time since I finished high school. I am extremely proud of myself today and for that Iam immensely thankful.                              http://community.tncc.edu/faculty/dollieslager/dailysummer2011.html Mr D's Website

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