Jerry C. Chaney, Assistant Professor of Business
Christanna Campus
109 Campus Drive, Alberta, VA  23821
Telehone:  434-949-1030
  Glen DuBois, Chancellor VCCS; Jerry Chaney, Faculty Showcase Winner; Dr. John Cavan, President of SVCC


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Jerry Chaney, Assistant Professor of Business and Real Estate at Southside Virginia Community College, Christanna Campus received her BS in Business Education from Longwood College, Counseling Certification Graduate Credits at VCU and ODU and Graduate Realtors Institute, UVA. She is the Faculty Representative for the Campus Council. Jerry served as President of the Delta Alpha Chapter of the Delta Kappa Society International, an Honorary Teacher’s Organization that promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education. 

In addition to her many school activities, Jerry is active at Kenbridge Baptist Church, on the Kenbridge Revitalization Committee, member of several local Chamber of Commerce Organizations, Virginia Association of Realtors, and National Association of Realtors.  She is a member of the Advisory Board of the State Fair of Virginia. 

Her hobbies and interests are centered on her family.  She is the proud mother of Kelly Chaney and William Lee Chaney, IV and four wonderful grandsons and one precious granddaughter.  She enjoys her family, her friends and her students.  She considers one of the greatest compliments she has received from teaching was from Linda Jenkins, who was selected as one of the top ten members of the All-Virginia Academic Team.  Linda wrote in her essay, “Lessons” for this competition the following: 

“The lady that gave me such a fine example of courage and determination is Jerry Chaney, my advisor, instructor, and friend.  I had my first class with Mrs. Chaney in the fall of 1998.  Time and time again students would come to her with stories of their struggles of dealing with school, work, and family.  Every time she would smile and say ‘we’re going to make it!’  Mrs. Chaney’s husband was terminally ill.  Through it all she came to work faithfully and always had a smile on her face.  Every day she would tell me, ‘we’re going to make it!’  I’m not sure who needed to hear that the most, Mrs. Chaney or I.  Mr. Chaney passed away in late October of 1999.  Mrs. Chaney never lost her ability to smile during difficult times and she never missed an opportunity to encourage her students.” 

Because Mrs. Chaney was and is a real estate broker, she feels that her business career enhanced her teaching skill.  She is teaching what is realistic in the business world.  She knows that her students are her customers.  She wants her students/customers to achieve their goals.