Summer Activities in Virginia



               Hi, my name is Candie Guzman. I’m originally from Southern California but now  I've been living here in Newport News since last November when I decided to move here to be with my husband who is stationed at Fort Eustis. I've been trying to find things to do and places to go here in Virginia since I'm not from here. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to join Mr. Dollieslager's English 111 class this summer. He is a great teacher! I highly recommend people take his class. The assignments he had us write was on our personal reviews of things to do and places to go in Virginia. One of the places I had a chance to review on was a restaurant called Taco Loco in Newport News. It’s one of few great Mexican restaurants here in Newport News. My husband and I actually found it by accident. We were looking for another restaurant but decided to give this place a try. Once we did give it a try we were starting to tell all of our friends that they should go and experience it for themselves. My husband and I tried other Mexican restaurants such as Plaza Azteca, but it didn’t compare to Taco Loco. Plaza Azteca is a chain restaurant with bland food and overpriced dishes. Not authentic at all. Taco Loco has this genuine, at home, comfort food that I was used to back home in California. My husband and I miss everything back home, including our own mother’s cooking. I’m glad that Taco Loco serves great comfort food, just like my mother’s food. I also had the opportunity to review the movie Bridesmaids. I did not want to see it at first. I was convinced that this movie was going to be a female version of The Hangover. I was not impressed at all. But I went to see it anyway because my friend wanted to see it, it was her birthday. Throughout the whole movie I was trying my best not to laugh, but it was difficult to contain myself because this movie is hilarious! I am glad I did see this movie. Many parts throughout the movie reminded me of my best friend and I. The way we used to argue, get into trouble, cry together, etc. That’s a real friendship when one can go through a lot with a best friend but manage to remain best friends for years and years. Bridesmaids reminded me of my best friend. This movie pleasantly surprised me. I am delighted I had to chance to watch it after all. I know I enjoyed my summer and the places/things I had the opportunity to review on. I hope my reviews will assist anyone looking for something to do here in Virginia!

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