English 111-Essays(2011 Summer Activities)

Desiree A. Harris       

English 111-Essay2

Mr. Dollieslager

June 17, 2011

“Double the Laughter”


If you love adventure and humor in a film, The Hangover Part Two would be a good movie to go and view. Although it was a repeat of part one, The Hangover Part Two is one of the funniest comedies of two thousand eleven.  I laughed more while watching this one than I did at its original. If you choose to see the movie, just buckle up for the shocking events that will take place and get ready to laugh!

Some of the events that took place in part two of the movie really emphasized the similarity that it had with the first one.  I’m sure that many of the movie viewers said the same thing to themselves. All four friends, Stu, Alan, Phil, and Doug woke up with a horrible hangover once again in a very strange place and not knowing how they got there. The Hangover Part Two was filmed in Bangkok this time.  The Hangover Part One was filmed in Los Angeles. Phil was getting married in part one but this time Stu was getting married. During their once again drunken and drugged experience, Alan’s hair was mysteriously removed from his head. In part one Stu woke up with a missing tooth, which he had pulled himself. It was so funny how he didn’t remember how it happened and how he was so distraught about how he was going to share it with his girlfriend. In part two he woke up with a mysterious tattoo on his face.  This incident wasn’t as funny as the tooth pulling. I don’t feel that this was original at all because the tattoo itself was identical to the one on Mike Tyson’s face.  The director of the movie should have gone with a different tattoo altogether because that would have made it more original knowing that Mike Tyson was playing one of the characters in the movie.  Stu also unknowingly had sex with a male prostitute. Oh my god! It’s a good thing that this movie was strictly for adults because most of the scenes were very graphic. Movie critic Roger was even taken back by the events that took place in the movie. He said, “I’m no expert, but I’ve been to Bangkok and some of its surprises would shock only those who know little about the city’s sex workers.”  In part one of the movie, Phil was the one that was missing. This time they had to look for a new member of the pack, Teddy. Teddy was Stu’s fiancé’s little brother who was about to go off to college. During the adventurous night, Jimmy cut off his finger that he was wearing his class ring on. My opinion on this is that it was too drastic of an act. All of this happened again because Alan spiked the drinks again with some drugs, just as he did in part one.  The friends set out to find Teddy so that they could get to the wedding ceremony in time. After hours of searching for Teddy, Stu finally had a brainstorm that led them to Teddy’s location. They did make it back in time for the wedding ceremony.  Stu’s fiancé’s dad did not approve of the wedding, but they got married anyway.

            The movie, The Hangover Part Two, was definitely a replica of the first movie ‘The Hangover,’ but I really enjoyed it because I laughed so much while watching it. Although the scenes were very similar to the ones in its original, the movie was very entertaining and full of humor. According to ‘The Hollywood Reporter,’ the movie grossed $432.1 million dollars in the first three weeks in the box office.  Ed Helms (Stu) was supposed to have been the star of the movie, but Zach Galifianakis (Alan), took most of the shine in part two as well as part one. I don’t know if the director, Todd Phillips, realized this while he was helping to write the script of the movie, but Zach stole the show once again.  The film was presented by Warner Brothers and directed by Todd Phillips. It was written by Todd Phillips, Craig Mazin, and Scott Armstrong. My review of the movie is that I would definitely recommend it to a friend and I will give the movie three stars.


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