CSC 110: Welcome!

update for FALL 2011
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    Every course at NOVA has an official outline.  See them all here.
  • computer science web page
    This page describes all of the college's computer science courses.

The readings and videos on this site take the place of a textbook for some sections of Computer Science 110, Introduction to Computing, a course in computer science designed for science majors.  Other students interested in computer science are welcome, of course!

The readings are pages in PDF form that you can read on screen or print out as you wish.  They include many links to other resources on the Web and especially on Safari, a database available through the college library.  Some units also include video demonstrations made for this course.

The readings and videos are essential to your success:  they tell you how to carry out the assignments! 

Updates are ongoing, and your instructor may provide additional materials on your class's Blackboard site.

 one big file (80+ pages)
 0 introduction
 1 user interface
file system
college networks
computer systems:
drawing 1, click 1 click 2
drawing 2, click 1 click 2

user interface:
context menu click
cut copy paste click

and most important
file associations click
 2 binary numbers click

sample probs click
solutions click
numeration click
another base click
counting click
base 3 click
binary why click
binary how click
hexadecimal click
color click
more color click
 3  HTML
and Web pages

demo web page
from video click

sample web bibliography
text editor click
simple HTML click
links and pictures click 
adding style click

uploading with FTP
(Filezilla info is here) click
 4 word processing

 5 spreadsheets
introduction click
data entry click
formulas click
intro charts click
bar charts click
histograms click
scatterplot with calculator click
more scatterplot with calculator click
scatterplot with Excel click
more scatterplot with Excel click
conditional formatting click
 6  database click
 7  programming:
 console applications
 readings click
  old PowerPoint click
installing BASIC click
 8  programming:
 graphics applications
 readings click
Processing book click

Most of the readings and videos were created by N V Fitton, who would be grateful for your comments on what you like and don't like about it.  Please send them to