Summer is here!

Are you looking for summer fun and entertainment! 

So, don’t look any further. Located in Hampton Roads, you will find the best summer fun get-a-ways, restaurants, movie theaters and indoor fun entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. Here are a few of my favorites.

Kids can enjoy and beat the heat at Laser Quest. One of the best, adrenaline pumping game of advanced tag and hide-n-seek my family and friends enjoy for recreation.  Each game is about thirty minutes long. Laser Quest also has your favorite video games, free-throw basketball, and air hockey for more entertainment. Laser Quest is a fun-for all age’s groups. It is the perfect place for celebrating birthdays, day camp trips, team building or just hanging out with friends. Laser Quest

 Another, indoor fun entertainment is a mid-day matinee at AMC theaters in Hampton, Va. Come join us, no crowds, just you and the kids. I recommend the Green Lantern, great movie to see with your kids or friends.  The Green Lantern, played by Ryan Reynolds the most sought after actor.  The guardians of the universe, they are assigned to protect and keep the peace.  The Green Lantern possessing use of a ring and lantern with a powerful green energy to protect the universe.  I recommend the movie, Green Lantern to all the super hero comic book readers to see. Beware My Power: Green Lantern's Light

Are you ready to eat? Come in and join me! “we smoke but don’t inhale” is County Grill and Smokehouse favorite t-shirt slogan.  Your family and friends can enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere of some good old finger licking barbecue. The food is inexpensive, taste great and you get a lot of food for your money. The managers and wait staff are very friendly.  Y’all, come back now you hear! County Grill and Smokehouse