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Finally Done


            In English 111, with Mr. Dollieslager, I realized how much there is to do in Hampton Roads, Virginia. There are so many different activities to do like spending the day at an amusement park or going to a great restaurant. I got the chance to go to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, the Virginia Aquarium in Virginia Beach, and El Tapatio, a great Mexican restaurant in Newport News. I must say that this class was the best class I could have taken.


            Instead of wasting one of my days off from work, I spent the day at Busch Gardens. It was not only fun and exciting but also very relaxing and enjoyable.  I rode many roller coasters and rides, ate great food, and saw awesome shows. The employees have fun with their jobs which makes the experience of the guest memorable.


            The Virginia Aquarium was amazing. I never realized how many different types of fish there could be in one place. They had everything from fish and turtles to sting rays and sharks. It was so nice to see that people took the time to save animals that were in danger and could have died. The animals looked happy and were very playful. It was such an enjoyable day.


            The best new Mexican Restaurant in Newport News is most definitely El Tapatio. When you walk in, everybody feels so alive and

welcoming. They have Spanish music playing that makes you want to dance, food that is authentic, and an overall great time. The waiters are pleasant and ready to help. The food comes out about 10 minutes after you order.


            The summer of 2011 was a great summer. I didn’t feel like I was stuck in class for eight weeks and couldn’t do anything other than go to class and work. It was enjoyable and not too stressful. Summer is supposed to be a fun time and Mr. Dollieslager made it exactly that. That class will be one that I never forget.



If you would like to see everything that everyone in my English 111 class did the summer of 2011, here is the link! Enjoy.