Council Purpose

Sustainability Initiative Mission Statement: In fulfilling the Edmonds Community College Mission and Philosophy, the Sustainability Initiative strives to infuse sustainable practice throughout all aspects of the college's operation and facilitates preparation of our students and community for sustainable careers, citizenship and quality of life.

What is our framework for defining sustainability?
Sustainability encompasses four intertwined ideals: economic wellness, social justice, human health, and biodiversity and ecological integrity. It is a systemic concept, relating to the continuity of economic, social, institutional, and environmental aspects of human society. ~ Washington Center, Curriculum for the Bioregion

In Fall 2006, a Sustainability Council was formed of faculty, administrators, staff and students.

Statement of Purpose

The Sustainability Council is a committee of the college that

1) recommends sustainability goals, objectives, and targets for college operations and instruction;

2) facilitates projects to meet those goals;

3) provides resources and promotes awareness;

4) advises the President's Cabinet in advancing the Sustainability Initiative.