Study Room & Tutoring

The STEM Open Study Room in Snohomish 126 is open each M-F 11:30 - 5 p.m. while classes are in session. Tutoring (including math, physics, engineering, and more) is available each day during times posted to the calendar below. Faculty Office Hours and STEM Advising are also available; see the below schedule for times and specific topics available. Room has whiteboard tables, LCD screens, and Chromebooks available for in-room use. Snacks are also free for room users!

Tutoring, Faculty Office Hours, and Advising Schedule

Email with questions, feedback or to request different times or tutor subjects. Individual tutoring may be available for RiSE members who are unable to work with the posted times or require assistance in special or advanced topics. Also check out our Resources for Study Groups (including a list of study rooms) page for more information.

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