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BRAVO 2011-12

June 27, 2012
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Pictured above are Patricia Eaton, Rick Weitz, Martha Acosta-Pieters, Shirley Goudard-Reyes, Marla Counsellor, Rae Ellen Reas, Dee Olson, Charlotte Emigh, Katie Gast, Margo Vincent, Erin Ryan, Ruben Alatorre, Alice Hanson, Anna Michel, Maitreyi Nagarkar.
Not pictured: Kanchana Kularatne, Heather McKnight, Kaleb Cameron, Anne Richardson

 ERC staff                                       WATR staff
Special BRAVO Award ceremonies were held at the Employment Resource Center (ERC) and Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center (WATR) to acknowledge the staff from three programs:   ERC,  WATR,  and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC).  The ERC provides  post hire training to Boeing 787 and Legacy employees.  The WATR center provides aerospace training for people wanting or already working in the aerospace industry.  The SBDC provides no cost counseling support to small businesses.    The staff in these programs have exceeded expectations and continue to perform at an outstanding level.

Cyndi Schaeffer

Executive Director

Business Training Center

April 25, 2012
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Pictured: Wendy Sallis Thompson, Sharon Bowers, Terry Gosse, Mark Newland, Bobbie Major (seated), Kelli Geiger, Dianna Tupou, Amanda Fletcher, Dianne Lapp, David Dennison.
Not pictured: Rhonda Randolf, Leah Jensen

January 31, 2012
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Pictured: Sheri Keen, Trisha Tallman, Norma Dalton (hidden), Moe Nakamura, Perry Gibson, Miki Ishihara, Colleen Olson, 
Liz Spring (seated),
 Kyra McCoy, Jeff Graham, Michele Graves, Jesse Aspree, Jan Gustavson, Dusty Brannan, Marla Counsellor, Janie Barnett, Marian Paananen, Jaime Beebe, Vicki Rister. NOT PICTURED: Kevin McKay, Sabrina Spellman, Annie Sotolongo, Judy Tafreshi, Thanh Vu.