Quick Start

Your first week on campus will undoubtedly be hectic. This section highlights the information we believe you need to successfully navigate your first week at work.

Getting To Campus: Map & Directions

Follow this link for a map of the college campus: http://www.edcc.edu/campus/documents/map.pdf On this page you will also find driving directions to campus as well as Community Transit and Ferry Schedule information for those who commute to campus using public transportation. This is a bike friendly campus.

Getting Access On Campus

Please note that in most, if not all, cases your supervisor (if you are classified, exempt or hourly) or division office (if you are part-time or full-time faculty) will authorize and assist you in obtaining the items needed to gain access and get connected on campus. The following information is provided so that you are aware of these items.

EdPass: All college personnel are required to have a college photo identification card known as an "EdPass" These ID cards are available through the EdPass office located in Lynnwood 214 across from the Technology Resource Center (TRC) in Lynnwood 207. The EdPass is used for such things as: entry into buildings on weekends (when authorized), entry into classrooms and part-time offices, a reduced bus fare pass on Community Transit, and as a FLEX debit account card. If you need to gain access to a computer lab, additional paperwork may be needed, so please check with your supervisor, or Division Office. Cards are issued annually in the Security Office with the new staff/faculty annual parking permits.

Parking Permit: After you pick up your EdPass, take it to the Security Office in Woodway Hall 214 for a parking permit. Be sure to bring the following information with you:

  1. Manufacturer & model of the vehicle
  2. Color of vehicle
  3. The state in which it is registered
  4. Year of the vehicle's manufacture
  5. License plate number
Visit the Campus Safety and Security website to obtain the necessary Security Forms & Documents 
The staff parking lots are LOT A and LOT P. View the map of campus parking at Parking Map

Building Access: While at the Security Office, request the necessary encoding to activate your EdPass as a keycard for access to buildings and rooms.A signed form from your Division Office is needed for keycard access. Keys are issued to full-time employees only and must be requested by your supervisor/ division office. You will be notified by email or phone when you can pick up your keys from Security. 

All yellow boxes on the buildings or courtyard will ring to the 24/7 Security cell phone number at 425.754.0154.

To gain access to a building with your EdPass, enter the last 4 digits of your 955 employee ID number at the pin pad.

To gain access to the building without your EdPass or key, call Campus Security at:

 Day campus #
 425-640-1501 or 1409
 Evening cell #
 425-754-0154 or 0192
 Emergency  911


Getting Connected to Campus

 Setting Up Email
 Email Request Form

 Setting Up Phone # & Voicemail
 Email: helpdesk@edcc.edu
 Call: 425-640-1234

 Campus Mail      Visit: Print and Mail Center at MLT 110C
 Call: 425-640-1681

 Campus Phone Directory  Visit: http://www.edcc.edu/_admin/directory/

 Duplicating Services
 Email requests to: duplicating@edcc.edu

 College Website
 Visit: www.edcc.edu

 Technology Resource Center
 Email: trc@edcc.edu 
 Phone: 425-640-1010

 Help Desk & Media Services

 Email: helpdesk@edcc.edu
 Call: 425-640-1234


Where to Turn for Assistance

 Phone numbers for Quick Reference

Business Division Office        


Pre-College Office


Health & Human Services Division Office


Help Desk 


Human Resources


Humanities & Social Sciences Division Office


International Education Division Office


STEM Office


Organizational Development and Employee Training (ODET) 




Technology Resource Center (TRC--LYN 207) 



Important Dates & Information

Compliance Training

All full-time and part-time college employees at Edmonds Community College are required to complete compliance training on Sexual Harassment Prevention, Diversity Basics, State Ethics, and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). It is also highly recommended that you read the Policy on Workplace Civility and Respect. This training assists employees to understand the federal, state, and/or college policies to which they are held accountable. All compliance training is currently delivered online and can be found at http://employees.edcc.edu/training/compliance-training/  New employees often take this training upon hire and then every three years. If you have questions, email yumiko.nesheim@edcc.edu

 Required Purchasing Training

Washington State’s procurement reform law, (Revised Code of Washington 39.26.110) requires that everyone who works for a Washington State agency, who is responsible for developing, executing or managing procurement or contracts, take the required Purchasing Training courses.  New employees have 90 days from date of hire to complete any necessary training.

There are five (5) courses total.  You may need to take all five courses or only two; it all depends on your job responsibilities.   All courses are on-line and are given through the Learning Management System (LMS).

Please contact EdCC’s Purchasing Training Coordinator, Annette Rothstein, for information on what courses you need to take and to register for the training.  She can be reached at annette.rothstein@edcc.edu  or (425) 640-1427.

Food Services

EdCC has three restaurants and two espresso stands on campus. See below for a brief description or for more information go to: http://www.edcc.edu/foodservices

  • The Cafeteria/Marketplace is located on the north side of Brier Hall and features breakfast until 10am, homemade pastries, "woodfired" pizzas, pastas, burgers, fresh fruit, salads, sandwiches, sushi, coffee, energy drinks, candy and various grab-and-go items.
  • The College Cafe, located in Brier Hall 105, is a quality, full-service restaurant. Menus, cooking and service are all provided by students in the Culinary Arts program.
  • Triton Espresso is open in Mountlake Terrace Hall and Mukilteo Hall.

Organizational Chart, click HERE

Faculty: Information for your 1st week

Campus mailbox: Be sure to check your campus mailbox at least once a week. The mailroom is located in Mountlake Terrace Hall 100C at the Print and Mail Center. You will receive correspondence from your division office, other campus departments, and students at this location.

Canvas: Details are available on the TRC (Technology Resource Center) website:http://employees.edcc.edu/trc/ or call TRC at 425-640-1010.

Division Office Support: Please contact your division staff for any assistance you might need.

Duplicating: For copying class materials, check with your department chair for the codes/budget numbers, or contact your division office.

Electronic copies of your syllabi: You are required to submit electronic copies of your class syllabi by the end of the first week of the quarter. A list of information required for your syllabi, an example of a syllabus, and a template are all available at  http://www.edcc.edu/syllabus/  

Faculty Handbook: All the information you need is in the Faculty Handbook. For the most current version visit: http://employees.edcc.edu/hr/documents/faculty-employment-handbook.pdf

Faculty Development Website: Be sure to visit this site to see what development opportunities and support is available: ------------------------------------------.

Instructor's Briefcase rosters: Please check your rosters in Instructor Briefcase daily to be sure the names of the students attending your class appear on the roster. Your roster must be 100% confirmed by the 10th day of the quarter.

Phonemail: It is vital that you set up your phone mail and check and clear messages on a regular basis—this number is used by students, staff, and administration. New Instructors: contact your Division staff to request set up of your phonemail account.

Set Up: For new part and full-time faculty, the Division Office will work with you to set up the following:
  • Email Account. You will automatically get an EdCC email account required for Web Grading, and so your students and the Division Office can communicate with you. Do not use a personal email account.
  • Mail Box. Once you have been hired, a mailbox will be set up for you in the Print and Mail Center. Instructors that teach only online classes may choose not to have a mailbox; please contact your Division Office.

Supplies: Office and instructional supplies are available in your Division Office. Please stop by to get the supplies you need. Keys to the supply room and part-time faculty offices may be provided for those instructors who must have access at times other than 7:30am to 5:00pm. Please contact the Division Office for issuance of office keys.