Welcome to the LEAF School wildlife monitoring website! The LEAF School monitors culvert usage, land trusts,  pre-construction and post- construction sites, and streams for wildlife throughout Snohomish and King county. The LEAF School Wildlife Monitoring project is part of community supported research and is the cornerstone project of the Human Ecology classes at Edmonds Community College. To find out more check out this website and find us at LEAF School online : LEAF School
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Our Wildlife Monitoring Projects are the culmination of the Human Ecology Term Project. The 201 students, under the mentorship of 202 and 203 students, lead small groups in the installation of motion sensor cameras and traditional tracking techniques to monitor wildlife presence and behavior along roadways, pre and post construction culverts and bridges as well as pre-development areas throughout the Western Washington region. The students follow a rigorous monitoring protocol and perform all of the field work, data collection and data analysis. They present their findings at the end of each quarter in a cumulative presentation to the community partners for whom the monitoring is done.

Wildlife Monitoring Sites 2012-2013





Summer 2015 Presentations & Reports are up!