Frequently Asked Questions

I studied English in my country. Do I have to attend Intensive ESL?
When you arrive at Edmonds CC you will take an English Placement Assessment (test). You will be placed in college-level classes or in the Intensive ESL Program based on your score.

I don’t have a TOEFL score; do I have to go to Intensive ESL?
Maybe not. You will be placed into college-level classes or the Intensive ESL Program based on your English Placement Assessment results.

How many levels are there?
There are six levels. Beginning Level is for students who have not studied English before. Level 1 is basic English and Level 5 is for students almost ready for high school completion or college-level classes.

How do I choose my level?
You will take our Intensive ESL Placement test. We will choose your level based on your score.

How long will I have to study English?
It depends on your English ability. Some students need one or two quarters (3-6 months) and some students need more.

How can I finish the English program more quickly?
If you study well, you will finish one level per quarter. You can also demonstrate your English skills to enter college or high school completion classes by passing the Edmonds Community College TOEFL test or the computer based TOEFL test.

Can I take college courses while I am studying English?
Students usually need to complete Intensive ESL coursework before taking college courses. Sometimes students in Level 5 may need only one or two ESL classes to finish the program. If so, they may take one college class.

Will I be automatically admitted to an academic program (university transfer, high school completion, technical program or certificate) when I finish the Intensive English Program?
Successfully finishing the Intensive English Program meets the English requirement for college. However, students do need to meet with an international student advisor to tell them that they want to study in college or high school completion program at Edmonds CC. Students also need to apply for college or high school completion.

How many students are in each class?
The class average is 15 students per class.