Sustainability at Edmonds Community College


Mission Statement:

 The Green Team at Edmonds Community College engages and empowers students, faculty, and staff to adopt   healthy, sustainable practices that benefit our diverse campus, the greater community,and our environment for future generations.

Funded through the Associated Students of Edmonds Community College, these student advocates will be responsible for providing education and awareness of sustainable practices on campus, providing support to campus events, and assisting with tracking the sustainability of the campus.  The Green Team is directly supervised by the Center for Serv
ice-Learning Program Manager.

  The Green Team has some broad goals, such as promoting and educating the campus and community on proper recycling and sustainable   practices, but each Green Team member has a more specific goal that relates to their specific job.

  Event Planning Coordinator:
  • To educate the students, faculty, staff and community about sustainable practices that Edmonds Community College offers through a fun informative events.

  Student Urban Farm Coordinator:

  • To increase involvement with the Student Urban Farm and educate the campus and community on proper and sustainable growth during farm work parties.

  Waste Stream Specialist:

  • To support sustainable practices at Edmonds Community College by improving waste stream awareness of students, faculty and staff.  To coordinate EdCC's participation in the national RecycleMania Tournament in an active effort to reduce landfill waste, while increasing recyclables and compost.

   Community Outreach Coordinator:

  • To increase traffic on the Green Team Google site and Social Media page, and also to be the "face" of the Green Team and booths and events to help educate the campus and community.


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