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Southern Regional MUN

The Southern Regional Model United Nations program has offered colleges and universities the platform to discuss international relations and make progress on some of the most pressing global issues facing the world today. SRMUN Charlotte 2014 is going to be held  April 10-12, 2014 at the Omni Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. 
CPCC will be participating in this upcoming conference representing Belarus and Azerbijan.The theme for SRMUN Charlotte 2014:  "Ensuring Peace and Security in a Turbulent Global Environment: Fostering Prosperity and Forward Movement"  The sub-topics can range from: physical security and conflicts; food and water security; human rights; population issues and land disputes; violence relating to women, children and religious issues; and education, the foundation for dialogue and understanding.  

General Assembly Plenary -
Topic I: Protecting the Human Rights of Children in Areas of Armed Conflict and Extreme Poverty
Topic II: UN Peacekeeping: Adapting to New and Current Economic Challenges

General Assembly First -
Topic I: Preventing the Illicit Trade and Circulation of Small Arms to Deter Violence
Topic II: Modernizing Disarmament towards Social Development

United Nations Population Fund -
Topic I: Advancing Human Rights through Comprehensive Sex Education
Topic II: Strengthening International Response to Crisis Migration and Human Mobility to Encourage Economic Development.

Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice -
Topic I: Addressing the Trafficking of Fraudulent Medicines across International Borders
Topic II. Assessing Measures of Combating Maritime Piracy

Security Council -
Topic I. Cyber Security: The Threat of Cyber Conflict on International Peace and Security
Topic II. Coordinating Global Accountability between SC, ICC and ICJ
Topic III. Addressing the Role of the Security Council in Civil Conflict