What is Model United Nations?

To answer that question you first have to know what the United Nations is. The United Nations is an international governmental organization or IGO that enables all member states to converse in peaceful talks about international issues in the world in order to avoid possible war. While Model United Nations does not exactly solve the world's problems it does offer the chance for today's youth to learn how the UN works and why it is so important. Students from all over the world will take the role of representing a country and act like the UN, discussing real-life events and forming solutions. 

HNMUN 2017 Team


Central Piedmont Community College's Model UN club is based at the Levine campus in Matthews, NC. Our amazing advisers provide the team with education and experience on the international world in order to better understand and represent the United Nations. In CPCC MUN, cooperation with everyone is very important as your partner is not permanent. Our team gets along well as if a group of brothers and sisters. For the past conferences we have been able to quail any nervousness by laughter amusement, and encourage.