The goal of the WAAM Colloquium is to explore contributions to the field of mathematics by women and to provide a forum to discuss the additional challenges they face in academia.

About WAAM

WAAM stands for "Women Advancing Arizona Mathematics."  WAAM was started in 2013 by Dr. Brie Finegold and Dr. Kristen Beck.

WAAM is sponsored by a Tensor Grant from the MAA. The Tensor Grant funds the colloquium, travel grants, and provides support for Sonia Kovalevsky Day, an annual event put on by the University of Arizona Mathematics Department for high school students that are interested in mathematics.

WAAM sponsors the visit of female speakers from other universities and industry to the University of Arizona, in order to broaden the mathematics presented in Arizona. While our main focus is supporting women in mathematics, we support all underrepresented groups; local speakers (regardless of gender) are encouraged to speak on any subject highlighting the research of a minority mathematician.

Want to Invite or Host a Speaker?

If you would like to host a speaker (help coordinate the speaker's visit to the University of Arizona, and facilitate students/faculty meeting the speaker for a meal or coffee), please contact us. Any graduate student (regardless of gender) is welcome to host a speaker.

Have speaker nomination for a female mathematician or other female working on mathematically related research? We welcome your suggestions! Please email Brie or Kristen.