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86th Annual WMAT Fair/Rodeo Parade and Night Performance

New members, new cultures, new dances... ONE AMAZING EXPERIENCE!
September 3rd, 2011 @ Whiteriver/Pinetop, AZ

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Here's the video that won us first place!

86th Annual WMAT Parade

The Group and Adventures
Ali, Joel, Bettina, Ramsey, and Marcella on their way to Whiteriver, AZ

Lupe, Bettina, Rafael, Marcella, Fernando, Kenia, Ramsey, Ali, Denise, Tomas, Celina, & Joel

Having fun...

Getting ready for the parade!

Let's begin!

With Other Performers
At the parade with other performers.

Guys' New Look !

Miztontli Boys!

Miztontlis with Azteca Group

Viva Miztontli!

1st Place
1st Place -  Chairman's Award for Dance!
The Couples!
Ali Grijalva & Ramsey Coronado

Bettina N. Trujillo & J. Lupe Conchas

Celina G. Virgen & Joel A. Saldaña

Denise T. Garcia & Tomas Jaimez

Kenia G. Balderas & Fernando Garcia

Marcella C. Marin & Rafael Camacho Jr.

Miztontli Boys' New Look!

Miztontli Girls
Miztontli Girls...beautiful as always!

Official Miztontli Members!
(C) Grupo Folklórico Miztontli, 09/2011