Welcome to SolarCats!

We exist to bring environmentally conscious students of the University together in an effort to implement a means of harnessing solar energy as a power source for the University. In the wake of a global movement to reduce carbon emissions and become more sustainable, we believe it is important to create a system in which students can express their passion for sustainability on a grand scale and also build greater relations between students and staff through action and environmental education. By unifying students and staff through an understanding of the critical importance of leading our University into the sustainable era, combining all of our voices as one, we hope to see an increase in the utilization of solar energy in our University as a whole in future years.

See calendar below for upcoming meetings, socials, and other SolarCats events!

Spring 2016 Meetings are Mondays at 6:00 PM in theĀ 

Madera Room (University of Arizona Student Union)