Guide to the Guide

This website was created to help you prepare your students for the UApresents In the Schools performance of the Trey McIntyre Project. 

The pages listed on the left column are listed in alphabetical order, not necessarily in the sequence that you should present the material to your students. Below is a brief description of each page so that you can navigate this study guide with ease and tailor it to the needs of your classroom. 
About the Company: Provides a brief history of the Trey McIntyre Project; how they were formed and what they have done since their inception.
Arts Integration: This pages includes arts integration lessons related to dance and other academic subjects. Also linked to this page are other websites that will provide you with information on how to incorporate the arts into your daily lessons.
Audience Guidelines: This should be used prior to the show to explain to students what kind of behavior is appropriate while watching a live performance.

Ballet Positions: A brief overview of the five central ballet positions.

Ballet Vocabulary:
While the Trey McIntyre Project may not be a classical ballet company, they are rooted in the traditions and training of ballet. This information provides many important ballet terms and their definitions.
Classroom Activities: There are activities here that can be used pre-show, post-show, or both! This page will provide you will step by step instructions in the subjects of music, writing, and social studies.
Contact Us: If you should have any questions or comments, here you can find our contact information.
Contemporary Dance History: A brief look at the history of contemporary and ballet dance. The information will help students learn more about dance history.  This can be a jumping off point for more extensive research projects for students.

Performance Information: Save the date! This page reminds you of when the show will be visiting your school.

Photo Gallery:
A collection of Trey McIntyre Project performance photos.
Reviews and Articles: This is another page that will help your students get better acquainted with the Trey McIntyre Project. You can use these articles as a model of how to write a critique of a live production. 

The Dancers:
Using this page, you can introduce your students to each dancer and link to videos.  The newest member of the company, Garrett Anderson, is from Tucson!

The SpUrbans: This page explains what a SpUrban is- a Spontaneous Urban Performance, a brief over of "happenings" and videos.

Show Information: Save the date! This page reminds you of when the show will be visiting your school.
UApresents: The In the Schools Program is only one aspect of UApresents education and outreach. Visit our website to find out more!
Videos: The Trey McIntyre Project uses video in almost every aspect of their performance and marketing. Here are just a sampling of performance videos they have created.  Use this page to introduce students to the dances of the Trey McIntyre Project.