Dr. Ileana Rodríguez


Dr. Idoia Elola

 Literature Keynote Speaker

Presentation entitled: 

"Articulaciones: Producción de conocimiento, mercado laboral, condición política"

Date and Time: Feb. 22nd 5:00-6:30pm
Place: ENR2 S210 Room A
Tucson, AZ 85719


Linguistics Keynote Speaker 

Presentation entitled: 

"Digital literacies and multimodality practices in Spanish Heritage classrooms

Date and Time: Feb. 22nd 3:00-4:30pm.
ENR2 S210 Room A
Tucson, AZ 85719

Dr. Rogriguez

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Dr. Elola

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Areas and fields of specialization are Latin American Literature and Culture, Post Colonial Theory, Feminist and Subaltern Studies with emphasis on Central American and Caribbean Literatures. Her last book is Hombres de empresa, saber y poder en Centroamérica: Identidades regionales/Modernidades periféricas: Managua: IHNCA, 2011. Other titles are: Debates Culturales y Agendas de Campo: Estudios Culturales, Postcoloniales, Subalternos, Transatlánticos, Transoceánicos (Santiago de Chile: Cuarto Propio, 2011). She has authored Liberlistm at its Limits: Crime and Terror in the Latin American Cultural Text (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2009); Transatlantic Topographies: Island, Highlands, Jungle (Minneapolis, London: University of Minnesota Press, 2005); Women Guerrillas, and Love: Understanding War in Central America (Minneapolis, London: University of Minnesota Press, 1996); House/Garden/Nation: Space, Gender, and Ethnicity in Post-Colonia Latin American Literatures by Women (Durham: London: Duke University Press 1994); Registradas en la historia: 10 años del quehacer feminista en Nicaragua (Managua: Editorial  Vanguardia, 1990); Primer inventario del invasor  (Managua: Editorial Nueva Nicaragua, 1984).


Idoia Elola is a Professor of Spanish and Applied Linguistics at Texas Tech University. Her research focuses primarily on second language writing, such as collaborative and individual writing using social tools, digital literacies, the use of multimodal texts, the Spanish foreign language and Spanish heritage language learners’ writing processes and practices, as well as feedback and revision in a second language. Her work has been published nationally and internationally in journals and edited books.