Get a nationally recognized & high value degree - for less!

Well-developed leadership skills are critical for professional success in today's fast-paced organizations. With us you become one of the world's most employable graduates. Our 2+2 Bachelor's of Science degree in Organizational Leadership provides maximum flexibility, allowing you to pursue the full degree, or to transfer in previously earned college credits - all while focusing on giving you the knowledge and skills that let you transcend boundaries.



UA South was founded to help the UA connect with communities across the state (& the world) as part of our mission as a Super Land Grant institution. We help spread a world-class UA education outside of the high-wage urban areas in Arizona, so we're committed to bringing our degree to you at a lower price point.

One of the least expensive ways to learn with us is by bringing us those credits you've already earned. We call this a 2+2 Degree Plan - using this method to attend can save you thousands of dollars

(If you have not yet completed your first 2 years of education for the 2+2 plan, our advisors can help you choose where/how to do that in a method that best suits you and talk to you about completing those years with us as well.)

Financing Your Education

Exploring alternatives to finance your education can be overwhelming. Our award-winning Academic Advisors are dedicated to helping you determine the best option for you, helping you apply for aid and scholarships, and helping you find a way to fund the education you deserve (the UA South Foundation awarded $20,000 in scholarships at a single event in 2015 - a tribute to how as we support our communities, they support us right back!).


Accessible + Innovative

UA South is committed to ensuring you can complete this degree fully online in two years or less.  No matter which 'campus' you're technically filing a degree plan with (South, Online, Main - it's all the same), we're all Wildcats.  We deliver the same degrees, just to a broader audience. To do that we often use innovative methods, making it easier for you to work while getting your degree, or to raise your family, or to serve our country.  We're here to make multiple dreams achievable with you, at the same time.

You choose How and When

Our courses are offered in a number of formats (face to face, mixed methods, interactive TV, and fully online) and are typically offered in the late afternoon or evening to accommodate the schedules of our students.

You choose Where

We offer courses online and in person at Pima Community College campuses across Tucson, at the Science and Tech Park in Tucson, at our dedicated campus in Sierra Vista and nearby on Ft. Huachuca, at Central Arizona College in Coolidge, and at Cochise Community College campuses in Douglas and Nogales. (We're all over the map.)


Real-World Ready

Our Bachelor's of Applied Science degree in Organizational Leadership is designed to help you develop the most sought after skills. Employers want strategic thinkers, good communicators, and team players more than anything else (Adams, 2014) .  We pay a lot of attention to things like that, so you can reap the benefits.

Countless Options

We offer you choices in which courses you take so that you can prepare yourself and chart a targeted preparation path to work in any of the following sectors: Military, Non-profit/Community, Corporate, and Government.

A Boundless Future

Real-world ready means that you  will leave us ready to do a job, because you'll already have done it in your classes. Based on graduate salaries and earning power, our degree can also give you some of the best financial prospects around. And as new employment opportunities for managers continue to rise, with a projected growth of 454,300 new jobs from 2010 through 2020 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), you'll be poised to go in whatever direction you choose.