The Interaction of Suppletion and the Applicative

Team members: Heidi Harley, Jason Haugen and Mercedes Tubino Blanco.

A study of how suppletive verbs whose stems change from singular to plural interact with the applicative suffix.


The Stem Forms of Verbs

Team members: Mercedes Tubino-Blanco, Heidi Harley

A study of the verb conjugation classes in Hiaki, describing the different types of change that verb stems undergo when they are combined with certain suffixes.

The Tone and Pitch-Accent System

Team member: Brecht Welch

A new proposal about why certain Hiaki words are pronounced with a unique intonation pattern. 

Team members: Jason Haugen and Heidi Harley

Papers describing and analyzing the form and meaning of the verb reduplication patterns of Hiaki.

The Causative 

Team members: Mercedes Tubino Blanco and Heidi Harley

Types of causative verbal affixes in Hiaki.

The Interaction of Reduplication and Noun Incorporation

Team members: Jason Haugen and Heidi Harley

A paper describing how verb reduplication interacts with noun incorporation, a word-formation process of Hiaki which creates new verbs.

The Interaction of the Applicative and Causative

Team members: Heidi Harley

This paper describes the grammatical effect of adding both the applicative suffix and the causative suffix to a verb at the same time.

Hiaki Pronouns

Team members: Alex Trueman and Heidi Harley

This paper describes the many different forms of pronouns in Hiaki, and their distribution. Examples illustrating the uses of clitic forms, weak forms, and strong forms are provided.

A Study of Lexical Categories

Team members: Jason Haugen, Mercedes Tubino-Blanco, Heidi Harley
This paper describes the different affixes which can attach to nouns, verbs, and adjectives in Hiaki.

Affixal Verbs of Inception and Cessation

Team members: Jason Haugen, Heidi Harley

This paper describes the affixes which attach to verbs to communicate 'start' and 'stop', 'begin' and 'finish'.

A Study of Hiaki Determiners and Agreement

Team members: Heidi Harley, Alex Trueman

This paper describes case and number agreement on Hiaki determiners and nouns, and proposes an analysis explaining how the presence of a plural possessor can block the normal expression of case on the determiner.