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Role Title  Snapshot Description Development 
Timeframe  Status Tool(s)
Programmer (team of 6)Mozak
A neuroscience crowdsourcing platform that aim to allow citizen scientists to produce expert-quality work.

Mentioned on Neurons magazine and by White House as an initiative to get students interested in science.
1.5 yearsSummer 2015 - Spring 2017Live on Mozak.scienceThreeJS, TypeScript, Python, Ruby, NodeJS, Amazon AWS. 
Programmer, writer,
(team of 4)
Coming Soon
Cool Games Inc. theme: you are a PR guy at E3 trying to crash the stage of another company to promote your company's game.

First place in Seattle Cool Jams Inc. game jam: "This is legitimately amazing and I had a great time."
2 daysWinter 2016Released on itch.ioUnity3D (C#)
All aspectsBrawling Rites
Four-player game where you struggle to get the correct dancing moves in order to launch devastating attacks at your enemy.

Played with four XBox360 controllers.
2 daysSpring 2016Released on Global Game Jam siteUnity3D (C#) 
Team lead, designer, programmer, writer (team of 3)Climate Quest
Help the four heroes of science to protect us from Climate Change!

First place in college category in the First National Climate Game Jam, featured at the Smithsonian Museum and GeekWire.
2 days (prototype)
4 months (release)
Winter 2015/Spring 2016Released on Android & iOS storeUnity3D (C#)
All aspectsProsopagnosiaA thriller game developed in 30 hours - find the possessed painting before it possesses you!2 days Summer 2015 Playable prototype Unity3D (C#) + Asset Store 
Team lead, designer, programmer (team of 5)Stellar leap
One-keyboard two-player twitch-reflex galactic conquest game.2 days (prototype)
6 months (release)
Spring/Summer 2015Released on itch.ioUnity3D (C#) 
Team lead, designer, SFX, programmer (Team of 5) Common Ground

A story-based puzzled game submitted to IGF student competition 2015. 6 months Summer/Fall 2014 Released on itch.ioUnity3D (C#), Tiled
All aspects (Team of 2) Little Garden
A Kinect community garden game built for childrens' ward of University Medical Center, Diamond Children's hospital.  6 monthsSummer/Fall/ Spring 2014 Deployed to Diamond Children's Hospital Unity3D (C#), Microsoft Kinect
All aspects Kinect Flowers
An expressive (story and motion based) puzzle game for the UMC project. 2 weeks Summer 2014 Playable prototypeUnity3D (C#), Microsoft Kinect
Team lead, programmer. (Team of 4) The World Ends in 3 Minutes
A story-based prototype for the IGF 2015 project, with the premise that the game ends in 3 minutes regardless of player actions. 2 weeks Summer 2014 Playable prototypePaper Prototype, GameMaker
All aspects SplitRPG Prototype
The original prototype for P|Q, with emphasis in simultaneously telling 2 different stories.

1 week Summer 2014 Playable prototypeGameMaker
All aspects Nocturne
An expressive adventure prototype based around the theme of moon, illusions, and Chopin's nocturnes. 1 week Summer 2014 Playable prototypeGameMaker
All aspects Crystalline Depths
An underwater exploration prototype using a novel 2.5D perspective with collectable, battle, and quest elements.  1 week Summer 2014 Playable prototypeGameMaker
All aspects The Wall
A fully-animated stream-of-consciousness game inspired by Haruki Murakami and Pink Floyd.

3 weeks Summer 2013 Unfinished prototypeGameMaker 
UI designer AngryAnts
UI design for scientific crowdsourcing game "Angry Ants".

3 months Spring 2013  Released on research siteActionScript3 
Team lead, programmer, technical artist
(Team of 4)
Unnatural Selection A 2.5D RTS for the UA Game Jam competition themed around the word "artificial". 2 days  Winter 2012  Unfinished prototypeGameMaker Studio
Programmer (Team of 4) Tower Defense
A 2D tower defense game with netplay capabilities. A Object-Oriented Programming final project.

2 months  Fall 2012  Playable prototypeSwing (Java) 
Programmer, level designer (Team of 9) Magnet Ball
A multiplayer sports game. Submission entry to IGF 2013. 2 months Fall 2012  Released on interguild.orgStencyl
All aspects Runner Gunner
A speedrun platformer featuring several weapons to use. A prototype for IGF 2013.

2 weeks  Fall 2012 Playable prototypeGameMaker 
All aspects Detonator
A puzzle platformer featuring extravagant firework. A prototype for IGF 2013.

1 week  Fall 2012  Playable prototypeGameMaker 
(Team of 2)
Racing game based around the theme "1990's" submitted to Shanghai GameJam 2. 2 days  Summer 2012  FinishedGameMaker 
All aspects (team of 9) EM Vision Prototype
Platformer prototype for initial idea for IGF 2013, featuring echo-detection and EM vision.

6 weeks Summer 2012  Unfinished prototypeGameMaker 
Designer (Team of 3) Dusk to Dawn
Boardgame utilizing Escher's mathematical paintings as a play space.

3 weeks  Spring 2012  Playable prototypePaper Prototype 
Designer (Team of 3) Going Viral
Educational board game teaching the virus incubation process

3 weeks Spring 2012 Playable prototypePaper Prototype 
Designer, Programmer (Team of 3) ScrambledEd
A surreal platformer depicting mental illnesses. 3 weeks  Spring 2012 Playable prototypeGameMaker 
All aspects Gladius
An old-school shoot-em up in the veins of classic games like Gradius/Darius.

2 weeks  Spring 2012  FinishedGameMaker 
All aspects Tower of Ages
A coming-of-age platforming game.

3 months  Summer 2010 FinishedGameMaker
All aspects Curry Rice Contest!
Manage your portions of rice carefully if you want to be the next spicy-curry champion!

5 days Winter 2009 FinishedGameMaker 
All aspects Geometric RTS
A 2D RTS game when the player produce and upgrades their units to capture the opponent base, comes with full map editor. 6 months  Winter 2009/Spring 2010   Playable prototypeXNA 3.0 (C#)
All aspects Invaders Project
The classic space-invaders reimagined with colorful UFO's and four-directional movement.

3 months  Winter 2009  Playable prototypeXNA 3.0 (C#)
All aspects Remember!
A mystery puzzle-platformer. So mysterious that I have a hard time solving it. 

1 week  Spring 2008 FinishedGameMaker
All aspects Tale of the Lion (Touhou Derivative)
A derivative work of the popular Touhou series.

1 month Fall 2007 Playable prototypeGameMaker
All aspects Mari vs Alice (Touhou Derivative) 
A derivative work of the popular Touhou series.

1 month  Spring 2007  Playable prototypeGameMaker 
All aspects       Mari vs Reimu
A derivative work of the popular Touhou series, honorary merit for my first non-tutorial digital game.

1 week 1/18/2007 Playable prototypeGameMaker