Code of Ethics for Gamers Around the World

Meeting and speaking with people from around the country and around the world online has never been easier, especially when it comes to online video gaming. When it comes to these interactions, it's important to develop a baseline for how all these gamers should be interacting with each other, whether it be in a cooperative setting, or even in a competitive setting. Ensuring that all users in an online video game treat each other with ethical behaviors and respect means that a safe and enjoyable environment can be kept. After all, what's the point of playing a video game if no enjoyment can be found?

Conflict can happen between people in games in a number of different ways, some notable examples being when one player feels frustrated by game mechanics, or when one player is upset at another player's performance. With this code of ethics, how to deal with these situations in a respectable and ethical manner will be detailed. With each statement in the code, a justification will be given as to why it exists, as well as a hypothetical situation in which the statement can be easily applied to.

1. When playing any online game with voice or text chat, users will not use harsh language to defame or insult other players.

2. While in game, players will not actively and purposely seek out certain other players for the sole purpose of angering a player or ruining a player's experience.

3. When a new player is encountered who does not understand a certain game's mechanics, other users should take the initiative to help the new player learn and understand by explaining mechanics and answering any questions in an informative and respectful manner.

4. There will be no use of in-game exploits or glitches for the sole purpose of gaining an advantage over other players.

5. Players will not download and use illegal cheating software to gain an advantage over other players.

    -Written by Will Zielinski