The ultimate in Ed Tech.

Choosing to pursue the doctoral minor in Educational Technology is an effective means of expanding not only your knowledge and experience, but your opportunities in the field. You can find more about Ph.D. minors in the University General Catalog.

Ph.D. Plan of Study

To minor in Educational Technology, the Ph.D. students declare their minor in their Plan of Study. A doctoral student must have at least 9 units of coursework counted toward the doctoral minor. The Minor Advisor (full-time graduate faculty from Educational Technology Program) approves the Doctoral Plan of Study to certify that the courses listed for use toward the minor are appropriate and sufficient.

Comprehensive Exams

The Ph.D. minor program has representation on the student's comprehensive examination committee. The Graduate College states that the comprehensive examination (i.e. written and oral) "is intended to test the student's comprehensive knowledge of the major and minor subjects of study, both in breadth across the general field of study and in depth within the area of specialization." Minor courses should have been taken within 5 years of the date of the oral exam.

You can find more about doctoral comprehensive examinations in the University General Catalog.

Minor Comprehensive Exam Policies 

As the Minor department, the Educational Technology Program controls the minor portion of the comprehensive exam. All students minoring in the Educational Technology Program will take a written comprehensive exam. The student will have to pass the written portion before sitting for the oral portion. If the student fails this exam, there will be a second opportunity to re-take the exam two weeks after the first attempt. If the written exam is failed a second time, the student will not be allowed to continue in the minor. 

One faculty member from the Educational Technology Program should be included on the oral exam committee.

Dissertation Committee Approval

The Minor Chair must sign the approval on the student's Committee Appointment form, which is submitted after the comprehensive exams have been passed. The signature from the Minor Advisor confirms that the student has satisfied all the requirements for the minor. Therefore, a student cannot proceed to the dissertation defense without a Committee Appointment form that has been approved by the minor program.