In true UA spirit - we exist to create new knowledge, and then to share that knowledge with others.

We believe that anything we create that can benefit others should be put out there. 
So we are following our colleagues in Organizational Leadership (See Site & Resource Licensing below) and have turned this site into a template that others at UA can use to build their own sites and we'll do our best to use it to ship other potentially useful things as we go.

"Ship often." - Seth Godin

Site & Resource Licensing

Creative Commons License
The UAS Educational Technology Site by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.  

It is a remix of the UAS Organizational Leadership site developed by Brandy A. Brown and is licensed under the same CC License.  

If you use/remix this site in digital or print format, please go and create your own CC license that notes this site as the Source Work URL. 

The University of Arizona and the Arizona Board of Regents retain the rights to the actual curriculum, program design, etc. The CC license applies to this site design, template, and the original content provided here, i.e. Syllabi and Resources created by our team.

Picons are the social media icons used in this site. They are free to download and reuse without attribution but we believe in giving folks their due. Picons also provides paid commercial materials that do not fall under the non-attribution license.

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Using This Site as a Template

If you'd like to use this site as a starting point for your own program site, email Dr. Brown to request a copy of this site.

Site Design Attributions

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