About Me

Ryan lives in Tucson with his wife Adri and their three rescued dogs, Sofie, Menchi, and Chewie. He currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Educational Technology program at the University of Arizona where he is also the first Faculty Fellow at the South campus site. He holds a Ph.D in Instructional Technology from Ohio University, where he also earned his M.Ed in Cultural Studies in Education. His main research focus is video games (console/PC and mobile), which affords him the opportunity to refer to time spent gaming as research. In addition to gaming, he studies computer-assisted language learning, augmented reality, and the philosophy of technology.

In his spare time, Ryan watches too much anime, runs from zombies, and pretends to be a photographer, in which capacity he has worked with international businesses and nonprofits, most recently as a behind-the-scenes photographer for the All Souls Procession. 

▶ Research interests: augmented reality, gaming, systems design, digital communication.

▶ Courses: ETCV 310, ETCV 401, ETCV 404, ETCV 405, ETCV 411, ETCV 524, ETCV 530, ETCV 538, ETCV 622, ETCV 623, ETCV 631