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Christopher G. JohnsonPh.D. | Assistant Professor & Program Director

About Me

Christopher Johnson, Ph.D., returned to the University in 2010 as an Assistant Professor in the Program. He is currently the interim program director in Educational Technology.

From 2007-2009 he served as the President of the Board of Directors of the Arizona Technology in Education Alliance, an ISTE State Affiliate and currently serves as Past-President and ISTE affiliate Representative.

In 2005, he retired from the University of Arizona where he served as a Senior Consultant in the Learning Technologies Center. As facilitator of the Consulting and Enrichment Activities group, his primary focus was to assist faculty in exploring and implementing new teaching methodologies that are supported by technology. He also served as the Director of Humanities Computing and Technology and the Director of the Digital Media Resource Center in the Integrated Learning Center. He now teaches primarily in the Educational Technology Program and Educational Leadership programs at the University of Arizona, and consults with the University and Arizona K-12 schools on the design of learning spaces, strategic technology planning, and implementation of 21st Century Skills.

In 2005, Chris founded the 21st Century Learning Group. From 2005 to the present he consults with schools and districts on implementing technology, learning space design, and strategic technology planning.

Chris serves on a variety of technology committees and has shared his knowledge and expertise at a number of conferences. He has recently participated in the Revision of the Arizona Educational Technology Standard and was the writer of the Revised Strategic Long-Range Educational Technology Plan for Arizona. He is an NCATE Board Reviewer for ISTE Technology Facilitator and Leadership programs and as of June 2009 serves on the ISTE Affiliate Membership Committee and the NECC 2010 Conference Committee.

While Chris would prefer spending time under water scuba diving, when he is on land he rejuvenates himself with the beauty of the Sonoran desert by hiking and biking.

 Research Interests: Learning Spaces, Technology Integration, Strategic Technology Planning, School Leadership in a Technological Society

▶  Courses: ETCV 503, ETCV 511, ETCV 530, ETCV 598, ETCV 621, ETCV 622, ETCV 631