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Dr. Christopher G. Johnson

Christopher G. Johnson, Ph.D. |
Assistant Professor & Interim Program Director

▶ PhD in Secondary Education from the University of Arizona ▶ M.Ed in Educational Media ▶ BA in Secondary Education
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Offices: UA South - Sierra Vista and UA Tech Park (Extra Maps: Finding the Park & Our Offices
▶ Research Interests: Learning Spaces, Technology Integration, Strategic Technology Planning, School Leadership in a Technological Society
▶ Courses:  ETCV 503, ETCV 511, ETCV 530, ETCV 598, ETCV 621, ETCV 622, ETCV 631

Current Faculty

Dr. Betül (Özkan) Czerkawski
Betül (Özkan) Czerkawski, Ph.D. | Associate Professor
mailto:bcozkan@email.arizona.edu http://twitter.com/BetulCzerkawski

▶ PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey ▶ MA in in Curriculum and Instruction ▶ BA in Italian Philology

▶ Research interests: educational computing, e-learning, instructional design, and emerging technologies.

▶ Courses: ETCV 520, ETCV 596, ETCV 598, ETCV 623
Dr. Ryan M. Straight
Ryan M. Straight, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor & Faculty Fellow

▶ PhD in Instructional Technology from Ohio University  M.Ed in Cultural Studies in Education ▶ BS.Ed in Integrated Language Arts

Research interests: augmented reality, gaming, systems design, digital communication, postphenomenology

▶ Courses: ETCV 310, ETCV 401, ETCV 404, ETCV 405, ETCV 411, ETCV 524, ETCV 530, ETCV 538, ETCV 622, ETCV 623, ETCV 631