Achievements at the Program level.

The Masters in Educational Technology Degree and Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology prepare graduates to implement the innovative use of digital tools to enhance learning in the fields of K-20 education; instructional design; and military and corporate training. The following Program Standards guide the instruction in the program.

The following five (5) standards, expressed as Expected Learning Outcomes (ELOs) guide all courses and course projects in this Program.

ELO 1 - Professional Knowledge: Candidates will effectively apply their knowledge to create, assess, and manage theoretical and practical applications of educational technologies and processes.

ELO 2 - Pedagogy: Candidates apply contemporary learning, instructional design, andragogical, or pedagogical theories to create effective learning experiences.

ELO 3 - Learning Environments: Candidates effectively create, evaluate, and manage successful learning environments.

ELO 4 – Scholarship: Candidates apply research skills and methodologies to advance and improve learning performance and practice.

ELO 5 - Professional Practice: Candidates apply their competencies by participating within a community of practice, in their development as reflective practitioners.