Budgeting & Financial Management
◂ LDRV 404


This course focuses on broadening each student's understanding of business as well as the business goals and objectives needed to be successful in the workplace. It also emphasizes critical thinking and applying this process to the corporate world.


Live synchronized sessions are required in this course - either online or in person (for hybrid sections only). In plain words that just means the entire course logs in at the same time for certain events, like for discussing a business case. These will be listed in the official course schedule.


This course is currently being updated, as soon as we can we'll provide more information about it for you here.


Coming Soon: Rebranding

In the upcoming year we will be working to rebrand this course to acknowledge the true reality of what it is meant to be teaching.

Fall 2015

Entrepreneur by Interpretive Simulations
This course was recently updated to include a simulation - we put you in the driver's seat, setting you up to compete as Entrepreneurs (or members of a startup) of various companies competing for the attention of an investor. With your professor acting as that potential investor, you compete to lead each of your startups on to success by leveraging your human capital.