◂ LDRV 303


This course focuses on the development of negotiation and conflict resolution skills.


Live synchronized sessions are required in this course - either online or in person (for hybrid sections only). In plain words that just means the entire course logs in at the same time for certain events, like for discussing a business case. These will be listed in the official course schedule.


This course is currently being updated, as soon as we can we'll provide more information about it for you here.


Fall 2015

This course is one of the last in our program that needed a methodology overhaul to complement the program content and rebranding update completed in 2013. To facilitate that we're bringing in a brand new instructor (she's new to us, but she's been teaching for over a decade) to revitalize this class and focus more on applied learning and multiple types of negotiation (previously the course was heavily focused on written negotiation only). 

You can review our past and current update initiatives here.