The Leadership Function
◂ LDRV 302


This course will help students focus on the dynamics of the supervisory and leadership function in both private and public organizations. Students will gain an understanding of the cognitive roles that make up the supervisory/leadership process as well as how to apply supervisory and leadership theory to actual situations in the workplace.


Live synchronized sessions are required in this course - either online or in person (for hybrid sections only). In plain words that just means the entire course logs in at the same time for certain events, like for discussing a business case. These will be listed in the official course schedule - typically for this class 3 separate 2-2.5 hour meetings are required (e.g. this course met for one live session in early October, November and December in Fall 2015).


The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner  
Reframing Organizations by Bolman & Deal
This course uses a combination of thought-provoking business cases and discussions to teach you the classics of leadership theory (Kouzes & Posner), and help train you in one of the most important skills in a modern leader's arsenal - reframing (Bolman & Deal).


This course is taught every semester, and as such is in a continual state of improvement. In recent semesters our focus has been on reducing friction for you when we integrate technology, increasing the social and interactive aspects of learning, and providing more applied experiences when possible - all for under $100 of materials per course.