The program offers two opportunities for students to work independently and one to have the experience of conducting an online course.

ETCV 599 - Independent Study

The purpose of an Independent study is to allow you "to explore a topic of interest under the guidance of a more experienced learner." By a more experienced learner, we mean your instructors. However, you are encouraged to seek out and find other experienced learners to help you with your project. Also, since technology varies so much, we will seek and make connections for you if we do not have the skills needed to complete your project

ETCV 593 - Internship

The purpose of an Internship is to allow you apply what you have learned in the program in a real-world setting. Working with your course instructor, you will identify an organization in need of some instructional project. The possibilities are wide open with the major requirements being that the project be instructional in nature and meaningful to the organization. You will develop the exact nature of your Internship with your instructor.

ETCV 591 - Preceptorship

The purpose of a Preceptorship is to help your instructor in the daily activities of the class. However, it is also an opportunity for you to learn how to conduct an online class. The general expectations are that you will help make sure that directions are clear, online discussions and meetings go well, and that you have experience in applying rubrics for assessment.