Registering for Class
Here are answers to your top questions/comments.

"How do I register?"

Visit UAccess or the UA Schedule.

"Online classes fill up so fast!"

Yes, they do! As you've probably noticed, enrolling in an online class can be a challenge due to high student demand. So, if you are fortunately enough to enroll, please be considerate of other who students who aren't so lucky. If you decide the class isn't right for you, please drop the class as soon as possible to clear a spot for another student.

Further, be aware that adding an online class starts you off on an unsteady foot. Online classes move very quickly and there is generally a 24-hour delay between the time you add and the time you can access the class in D2L. This is why we strive to ensure all of our students are ready to go on day one! We want you all to have an equal opportunity to have a successful learning experience.

"This is an online class so why can't you just add everybody?

Teaching an online class can be very demanding and incredibly time consuming. We strive to provide individual feedback to our students and be available for one-on-one help for each student who needs it. Adding additional students challenges our ability to facilitate a successful learning experience which involves these components The more students we add, the fewer interactions each of you will have with our faculty.