The Educational Technology program is being discontinued as of December 2020
This page is being left here for our remaining students

Be an innovator in digital learning!

Gain the skills to be a digital leader in PreK-12, Higher Education, and Adult Learning and Training

Well-developed technology and instructional design skills are critical for professional success in this field. With us, you become one of the world's most employable graduates. Our undergraduate minorMaster of Science degree in Educational TechnologyMaster of Arts in Second Language Learning and Educational TechnologyPh.D. minor, and accompanying Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design and Technology provide maximum return on investment, allowing you to pursue any number of professions across the fields of educational technology, instructional technology, technology education, and information and computer technologies (ICT).


Put Your Skills To Use

The Master of Science in Educational Technology degree and Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design and Technology prepare students for a variety of careers in education and industry such as Technology Trainer, School/District Technology Coordinator, Instructional Designer for the corporate sector, Training and Development Specialist for the military, and more.

Students focus on the instructional and technological aspects of digital learning to design, create, present and evaluate instructional and training content for PreK-12, higher education, and the military and corporate sector. We offer you strands in which you take courses so you can prepare yourself and chart a targeted preparation path to work in any area of the workforce.

You choose How, When, and Where

Our courses are offered entirely online providing our students with the maximum in flexibility and access, no matter if they're just down the road or stationed overseas.


Real-World Applicability

The focus of this fully online program is on creative integration of graphics, animation, video, audio, text, and interactivity for educational and training settings based on best practices of design.

Want to design educational games? How about develop mobile applications? Maybe you're more interested in designing technology-infused curricula for K-12 or higher education or going on to a research-focused doctoral program (perhaps you're already in one!). We prepare and support students for all of this and more.

Financing Your Education

Exploring alternatives to finance your education can be overwhelming. Our award-winning Academic Advisors are dedicated to helping you determine the best option for you, helping you apply for aid and scholarships, and helping you find a way to fund the education you deserve (the University South Foundation awarded $20,000 in scholarships at a single event in 2015 - a tribute to how as we support our communities, they support us right back!).


Always Cutting-Edge

Our program prides itself on being at the forefront of the current and up-coming trends in instructional and educational technology while grounding itself it thoughtful, appropriate pedagogical frameworks. Not only do students use industry-standard applications and services but are provided with a strong foundation in not just what but why.

A Boundless Future

Real-world ready means that you  will leave us ready to do a job, because you'll already have done it in your classes. Based on graduate salaries and earning power, our degree can also give you some of the best financial prospects around. And as new employment opportunities for managers continue to rise, with a projected growth of 454,300 new jobs from 2010 through 2020 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), you'll be poised to go in whatever direction you choose.