Welcome to the SoAIR Laboratory

The SoAIR Laboratory is a new research laboratory focusing on different topics, including social intelligence in robots and its applications in human daily life (e.g., education, entertainment, helping children with autism, elderly care, etc.) and cognitive and developmental systems that can make robots capable of making decisions under uncertainty and acquire new skills (e.g., sensorimotor, interactive, and linguistic), and develop the learned knowledge and skills through interaction with human users and the environment. This research scope combines multidisciplinary knowledge in robotics and AIcognitive science, and computational linguisticsThe SoAIR Laboratory has the following robot platforms:

1- ICub Robot: is a full humanoid robot capable of grasping objects and interacting with people and the environment. It is an ideal platform for related research to embodied cognition [Link].


2- Nao Robot: is a humanoid social robot used extensively in different applications like education, entertainment, healthcare, etc [Link].


3- Pepper Robot: is a humanoid robot used in different applications like education,  entertainment, etc [Link].


4- Baxter Robot: is a two-armed robot with an animated screen that is capable of grasping objects during human-robot collaboration [Link].