Broadcast Messages

Cover artWe can't always rely on our students to get general information home for things such as bake sales, family fun nights, picture day, early dismissal reminders, etc.  and sometimes the information is an emergency for weather or transportation that everyone needs to know at the same time. We accommodate those scenarios with SchoolMessenger Broadcast Messaging to get the information out quickly and efficiently. 

Most of our broadcast messages will be in text message format, but sometimes we can't squeeze everything into 160 characters. For those long winded messages, we will use the voice messaging service. 

There is also an app available for both Apple and Android that allows you to view messages from our school.  Search for SchoolMessenger InfoCenter

Opt In to Text Messages

If you are NOT receiving texts and would like to, send a text message to 68453 with the word YES in the body of the text.

Opt Out of Non Emergency Phone Messages

To opt-out of non-emergency voice messages follow the directions below.

At any time, while listening to a phone message broadcast through SchoolMessenger Communicate, recipients can press “5 on their phone to initiate the opt-out process. After pressing 5, they will be given 3 choices:
• To unsubscribe from messages like these, please press 1 (general messages)
• To unsubscribe from all Non-Emergency messages, press 2

We highly recommend you do not choose option 3. If you choose this option you will not receive school closures, bus delays, emergency evacuation notices, etc. Your child’s safety could be in jeopardy if option 3 is chosen. (for example, you leave for work before your child goes to the bus stop, something occurs, school is cancelled & we send an emergency voice message. You think your child is safe at school when in fact they are not and the emergency voice message was not received due to the opt-out choice.)

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