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FYI......Excellent opportunity for you to see and hear a Holocaust survivor address our local community.  See handout below for more information about this event.

Holocaust Memorial Program

If you liked watching the episode of Million Dollar Genius, check out the other episodes on this History Channel series by going to their website.

Who know's, you could be the next million dollar genius if you've got a great idea & the perseverance to follow through on it !!

  Sunita Williams, astronaut
Check it out!.....astronaut "Sunny" takes us on a tour inside the international space state.....very cool !!    (video)

FYI:  Landmark Supreme Court cases / C-Span
Those of you who found the Supreme Court cases we discussed in class  interesting, I encourage you to check out a series C-Span put together on a few of  those landmark cases....here's the link.

Roots of Liberty - Essay contest
September 16 - December 16 / Over $15,000 in prizes

Contestants are asked to choose one consequential presidential decision to determine to what extent the Constitution leads presidents to make good decisions.
To find out more about the essay contest...click here.

Don't have anything to do on September 29th, Thursday??  Why not take a ride over to the Baldwin Wallace campus to attend their speaker series.


As the nation considers two polarizing major party candidates, what’s at stake for our economy? Newt Gingrich, a conservative former U.S. House Speaker, and Van Jones, progressive activist and CNN political commentator, debate how the major party candidates might lead the nation to economic prosperity. Jones, an environmental and human rights reformer and ex-Obama policy advisor, will argue the case for the Democrat Hillary Clinton, while Gingrich, who ran for president in 2012 and was an early supporter of Republican Donald Trump, will champion the GOP standard-bearer. This debate will focus on a forecast of the economy, business and jobs under each candidate. The BW School of Business Leadership Lecture Series event will be moderated by BW political science professor and news media election analyst Tom Sutton, Ph.D.

FREE !  For more info go to BW website

Didn't watch the first debate?  click here...

Just because...I like this movie clip

The Bill of Rights Institute is currently seeking applicants for their "We the Students" essay contest.  Each year students are asked to write an essay on a specific topic.  Last year's topic: The founders believed in the sanctity/vital importance of the individual liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.  To what extent (or in what ways) has our government compromised on these liberties in the name of security or the general welfare?

Grand Prize:  $5,000
Six Runner Ups:  $1,250 each

This year's contest is set to launch on:  Sept 12th!

For more info, see the Bill of Rights Institute website


Voices of Democracy competition

Why should I bother entering a writing contest?  ...my English teacher will love me even more...potential to win scholarship money locally, all expense trip to D.C. (which is awesome), and be honored by our veterans (even more awesome)!  

What do I have to do?....simply submit your 3-5 minute recorded essay on the topic of:  "My Responsibility to America".

Student entries are due by November 1, 2016 (you have plenty of time)!
For more info:   see the Voice of Democracy webpage or contact your local VFW.

Wait...what??  There's an election this year? Who's running?  (as if you didn't know...!) But what are the issues they have espoused to support??
If you find yourself asking these very same questions I encourage you to check out C-span's election coverage.  They have recently posted short video clips of all the current candidates running in the upcoming presidential election.  So...go put a face (and a voice) with a name you have been wondering about to help you decide who you would like to see become our next Prez.  C-span election coverage

Can you guess what famous document makes up this word bubble?

Happy Birthday American Government

 September 17th, our country will be celebrating Constitution Day which recognizes the formation and signing of our U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787.  You can read interesting articles about each signer at the CONSTITUTION DAY SITE to broaden your knowledge of our American government. 

Life is calling.  How far will you go?
Please check out the Peace Corps website to see all the good they are doing around the world....(see website).


Any students aged 18 or about to turn 18 and interested in registering to vote, in Ohio, you may still register up until 30 days before election.

You can also go to the Ohio Secretary of State website and register online.

Attention writers...or anyone else who would like to participate!!

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library holds an essay writing contest every year for high school students across the country.  Students are asked to write an original, creative essay on political courage.  For more information see the JFK website.   Deadline is January 4, 2017.

Those of you who have yet to see the new One World Trade Center or the new 9/11 memorial museum.  The memorial website has just added a very interesting glimpse of what you'd see inside the museum if you can't make it to NYC...take a look...museum exhibit.

Attention film makers...

Every year C-Span has a student video making contest. This year the theme is:   "What is the most urgent issue for the new President and Congress to address in 2017?"   Students participating are asked to make a short video that demonstrates their issues & concerns for Americans.  The official launch of the competition is after Labor Day but you can find more information at the StudentCam page.

You are a history buff too??  ...I have a great site for you to check out, it has a great collection of United States History sources!  The door is open...click here.


Teenagers...short attention span?...too much Pokeman Go...cure!!... 2 minute videos!

Are you interested in learning more about the American presidency but haven't had the time to read voluminous books on the Executive office???  The History Channel has put together short video clips that highlight significant events, past presidents, the important job of the President, etc.  Check them out...

"Enlightenment must come little by little -- otherwise it would overwhelm."


YouTube Video


Vocab of the Week

nuclear option

When the presiding officer of the U.S. Senate disregards a rule or precedent.

This most commonly refers to an effort by the Senate to end a filibuster by a simple majority, even though rules specify that ending a filibuster requires the consent of at least 60 senators.

An opinion written by Vice President Richard Nixon in 1957 concluded that the U.S. Constitution grants the presiding officer the authority to override Senate rules in this way. If a majority vote to uphold the presiding officer, his interpretation of the rules becomes a precedent.

Senator Trent Lott (R-MS) first called the option “nuclear” in March 2003, using the metaphor of a nuclear strike to suggest it might provoke retaliation by the minority party.


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