Hello! Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Mrs. Kimberly Heimann and I am the 5th grade teacher at Elwood Public Schools. This is my fifth year of teaching. Prior to moving to Elwood, I taught in my home town of McCook, Nebraska for three years in both fifth and fourth grade. My husband and I just celebrated 6 years of marriage this past July. We have a sweet, ornery, and highly energetic four year old, Myles. We also have a beautiful 4 month old daughter, Emersyn, who watches us from Heaven. We carry her in our hearts wherever we go.  We cherish our time as a family and know how important it is to make memories each day.  We love spending time with Myles by taking him to the park, swimming pool, or playing choo-choo trains with him. We also love remembering and honoring Emersyn by visiting her often and going through pictures and videos of her. I also love to read and run and often train for half marathons. My goal is to get back into running shape this school year so I can run races in memory of Emersyn. 

Teaching Philosophy

 Nothing warms my heart more than students succeeding in what they're working hard for. I have high expectations for all my students to do their best and reach their full potential. I believe that students learn and perform best when they feel loved, cared for, and encouraged. It's important to be active and have a hands-on learning environment. All my lessons are based off of research-based curriculum that are aligned to Nebraska State Standards. I also believe in reteaching. Learning is a process and students learn at different paces. It's important to continue working with students until mastery of a concept is evident. Tests also drive my instruction and tells me if students need more time on a skill or if we are ready to move on. Lastly, testing is crucial for teacher accountability and to measure how I'm doing as a teacher and what I can continue to improve on.