The THIRD book report of the school year has been assigned in our class. Students have been asked to choose a biography of a celebrated person whom they admire. The book should be grade level appropriate and should have  around one hundred pages or so of material. Many books have a grade level guide on the lower back  cover. RL 5 would indicate that the book was on reading level for grade five. Sometimes books estimate the age of the child interested in reading it , and so it may say that the book is appropriate for ages 10-12.
                       The report can be handled in two different ways. The first type of  book project would be to construct a bottle person fully dressed in an appropriate costume for the character. I would recommend putting sand or gravel in the bottom third of a two liter soda bottle to provide stability for the figure. A styrofoam ball [purchased in any craft store] could be formed into the head. Along with this figure, students would fill out a regular book report form with all of the necessary information pertaining to the biography which was just completed.
                         The second way in which this project could be handled would be to create a chart celebrating the life of the biographical character. The chart itself could be a piece of oaktag, or project board [again, purchased from an office supply, or craft store]. The name of the person should be clearly lettered in at the top of the project. Information about the person's life including a summary of the book, a time line, photographs downloaded from the internet, an evaluation, and any other interesting details gathered could be displayed as well. Be sure to have YOUR NAME on the bottom of the project, as this will be displayed outside the library for several weeks.
                       The deadline for the third book report will be Friday, April 29th. It can, however, be handed in any time before this date.