Below please find websites that may be helpful to your student.

Learn Zillion For Math and ELA

Learn Zillion contains lesson plans, teacher notes, and videos to explain concepts aligned with the shifts in the Math Common Core Curriculum, as well as a collection of close reading lesson plans for grades 2 and up. The Common Core Navigator helps parents understand what concepts are taught at each level and the standards for each lesson.

Khan Academy All Subjects

Khan Academy contains questions/problems narrowed down by grade ranges (example: K-2) and topics (example: counting).  There are also videos that accompany many lessons which explain the concepts and/or teach how to solve the problem.


iXL is online practice of math skills in the four operations.  The website is broken down by grade and skill.


Math Nook

Math Nook has a plethora of games designed to help a student practice math facts and solve problems.  The user can search by CCSS number, topic, or game. There are videos for some concepts so students can watch a lesson if they are having difficulty.  There is a worksheet generator for extra practice.

Illustrative Mathematics

This website is more for professional development and math administrators than parents.  After searching by grade, the user is given a list of standard and within some of the standards there are illustrations for the concept that is referenced in the standard.  


The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives contains Java based interactive manipulatives for students to use when solving problems. Some examples of manipulatives are fraction bars, base 10 blocks, bar chart, hundreds chart, number lines, money, and spinners.


Hooda Math is a collection of interactive math games on a variety of topics and levels.


Funbrain is a collection of games on a variety of topics and levels.

Math Playground

Math Playground is a learning site filled with math games, logic puzzles, step-by-step instructional videos, math practice, and a variety of problem solving activities.  Search by grade level, narrow down the search to common core aligned games, or search by specific type of game such as logic.

XP Math

XP Math features fun and educational math games for Grades 2-9. Sorted by the CCSS Math strands, the games support specific standards within the strands.


AplusMath contains worksheets, games, flashcards, and a homework helper.  Good for practicing basic skills of the four operations.

Brainpop Jr.

Collection of videos, quizzes and activities to explain concepts.  Not specifically for Math, but does have some Math concepts.


Starfall is for basic reading and writing for the pre-school, and very early elementary students.

Cool Math 4 Kids

Cool Math 4 Kids contains math topics on a variety of grade levels.  It breaks down the concept into simple pictures and basic steps.  The explanations are not necessarily tied to the CCSS, but definitely support the understanding of math concepts.

Mr. Nussbaum

The Mr. Nussbaum website contains a large variety of curriculum areas and topics.  It has games, videos, printables, and lesson plans.  The user can search by grade and CCSS to find activities that are properly aligned with the standards.

Soft Schools provides free math worksheets, free math games, grammar quizzes and free phonics worksheets and games. Worksheets and games are organized by grades and topics. The activities are mainly geared toward practicing the four operations and problem solving through basic skills.

AAA Math

AAA Math is comprised of games and practice activities that are organized by grades and topics. The activities are mainly geared toward practicing the four operations and problem solving through basic skills.


This free version of this online software is for Middle School only.  The curriculum contains many word problems that can be solved with interactive practice. The solutions and explanations are only included if you purchase the premium version.

Science Monster

Science Monster is a product similar to  It has topics such as astronomy, earth science, life science, physical science, and technology.  Within each topic there is a great deal of information and diagrams to explain the concepts.  There are also games built into each topic.  Some of the games are directly related to the concept, and others are just for fun.

Spelling City

Students can type in their spelling words and use them to play games, study, or complete practice tests.  Free and premium versions are available.

Kids Health

This website has information and lessons on many topics related to health and wellness.  Each article contains a tool to have the article read aloud. Lesson plans are broken down by grade level and has printables available for teachers to supplement classroom instruction.

Neo K12

Neo K12 has educational games, videos and lessons for students in grades K-12.  New K12 covers topics in Science, Math and Social Studies and offers video lessons and interactive tutorials.  Other than the videos, the rest of the website is only accessible if you are a paid subscriber.

Math is Fun

Math is Fun has contains games, activities, and puzzles on all math topics.  There is a math dictionary with Easy-to-understand definitions, with illustrations and links to further reading.  There are also printable worksheets with thousands of variations.


Scholastic contains resources for your students in ELA.  There are many games, activities, author studies, short videos, and book reviews.

Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software is a collection of games, activities, articles, facts and pictures in the areas of geography, history, math, health, and science.

Review Game Zone contains online educational games for school aged kids. There are over 10 types of play offered as classroom games. In order to play these games you need to answer a question then you get to play. The more often you answer correct, the longer you get to play the game. These games act as an incentive to study material.

Bright Hub Education

This website contains lesson plans, homework help, and parent advice for children of all ages.


Quizlet (via app or website) enables anyone to put in information for a student to study.  Decks of flashcards are created  and students have the option to study online or print them out.  There is an audio option which enables students to not only view the materials but also hear them while studying.

This website is geared toward students learning their multiplication facts. The interactive nature, games, and demonstrations help students understand how a product is derived.  There is both a free and paid version.

Gilder Lehrman History

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History is a web site that is a great resource for American History teachers and students.  There is an AP US History study guide section and a large collection of primary sources and videos.  The site can be searched by historical era as well as event.  It offers free subscriptions for students and educators.

Read Write Think

This website contains many interactive templates for ELA practice.  The user can print out the activities as well.  There is no way to log in, so any activities must be completed in one session.  There are also sections for resources and professional development for teachers.

National Geographic

National Geographic Kids

The collection of National Geographic resources contains videos, photos, and information about animals, science topics, the environment, and countries around the world.  The website has limited access to archived articles from the National Geographic Magazine series.  The site also contains short clips from the television series with the same name.  National Geographic for Kids has information on all of the same topics as the adult version of National Geographic, but on a more appropropriate reading level and less detailed information.  Users can join for free and obtain most materials.