Welcome to the Harley Avenue
 Primary School Library 
Julie Amoroso - Librarian

Suggested summer reading list:

The library program is designed to instill a passion for and life-long love of reading! The library curriculum promotes the very best in children's literature while the collection includes a wide variety of books for students to borrow for reading practice, information and enjoyment. Please encourage your child to spend time reading at home every day!

ABC’s of Reading

ALLOW time each day to spend reading with your child.

BE a reading model! Let your child see you reading.

CREATE an interest in reading by reading aloud books suitable to your child’s age and interest.

DO start out with short stories—gradually build your child’s attention span.

ENRICH your child’s learning experiences through books.

FOCUS your child’s attention on the book you are reading by showing and discussing pictures.

GLANCE through the book before you read it to your child so that you are familiar with it.

HAVE your child sit close to you when you are reading so that you are sharing the book.

INCREASE your child’s listening and speaking vocabularies by explaining unfamiliar words.

JOIN your public library so that you have access to a variety of books.

KEEP your child’s books in view in easy-to-get places.

LISTEN to your child tell stories from books, even if he/she can’t read all the words in the book.

MENTION the author and title of the book each time you read to your child.

NURTURE your child’s imagination by selecting different kinds of stories such as rhyming books, fairy tales, animal stories, mysteries, and adventures.

OPEN the door to the world of reading. Read daily to your child.

PASS ON the pleasure of reading by building memories your child can treasure.

QUOTE the characters in a story meaningfully by changing the tone of your voice.

READ, read, read!

STIMULATE interest before reading by sharing experiences.

TALK about the books you have read together.

USE expression when reading aloud so that the story will come to life.

VISIT a book store often and give books as presents.

WHENEVER you can, create…

EXCITEMENT about reading: it’s great.

YOU can encourage reading with…

ZEST! Be excited and the books will do the rest.

--Author Unknown