PLEASE VOTE by Friday, 8/19 - 2016 Revised Bylaws

Yosemite Employee Association has gone through several changes and have revised the bylaws to reflect our current operating policies. We need community support to to approve these changes. Please review the revised YEA bylaws and submit your vote.

To vote, email and write "Approve 2016 revised bylaws" in the subject line. You can also write "Disapprove" and let us know your concerns and/or you would like to be contacted by a YEA Board Member for further discussion. If you would like your vote to be anonymous, please complete the 2016 Revised Bylaws GoogleForm (available upon request).

Please submit your response by Friday, 8/19. Thank you for supporting your community!




This organization shall be called Yosemite Employee Association (YEA).


The specific and primary purpose of the organization shall be to foster the spirit of fellowship, while encouraging high morale, among all employees, retirees and residents of the Yosemite National Park Community. In addition we shall lessen the burden of the National Park Service (Department of the Interior) by managing daily operations of Carroll N. Clark Community Hall (the “Hall”, a Federally owned Building) within the El Portal Administrative Site of Yosemite National Park as well as other structures and common areas adjacent to the Hall associated with the use of the Hall. Yosemite Employee Association shall also act as liaison for any contracted rehabilitation or renovation undertaken by the Carroll N. Clark Community Hall.  

    ARTICLE III - Membership

Section 1:  Membership: It is open for all employees and retirees who work or have worked for Yosemite National Park, park partners, all concessionaires, and employees/retirees affiliated with the schools, the churches, the day care centers, the U.S. Post Offices, and the U.S. District Court. Each paid membership individual (15 years of age and older) receives one vote. Membership privileges will be extended to spouses and the immediate family of the qualifying employee and retirees.

Section 2: Dues: The dues to members shall be $10.00 per year for individuals or family memberships. Only paid members may be elected to serve on the association board or vote on association activities.

Section 3: Non-Affiliated individuals: Individuals otherwise associated with the Park, non-member employees, and guests of members, may be invited to participate in social gatherings. They will be assessed whatever amount appears proper to defray the expenses of any function they attend.

    ARTICLE IV - Officers

The officers shall be two Co-Chairs, Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Events Coordinator, Assistant Events Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator, Assistant Outreach Coordinator, Hall Manager, Assistant Hall Manager and Finances. four (4) subcommittee chairs that coordinate: Events, Outreach, Hall Management, and Finances. The Finance subcommittee can shall be managed by the Assistant Treasurer in conjunction with a paid accountant.

All Board members serve as volunteers and do not receive financial compensation for time spent conducting Association business and activities.

ARTICLE V – Terms & Elections

Section 1: Election of all officers will take place during November for each year. The newly elected officers shall serve from January 1 to December 31. No officer shall serve more than two consecutive terms (2 years) in the same office. Board Members shall serve a term of one (1) year. Any board member shall be permitted to fill an additional two years in an associated position, eg an assistant coordinator for two terms may become the primary coordinator for two terms.

Section 2: In the event that a Board member resigns before the end of their term, a written notice shall be given to the Board no less than two weeks ahead of their last day of service.

Section 3: In case a vacancy occurs during the year, the assistant officer will fill the vacated position, and the Board will appoint a new assistant officer. If the assistant officer vacates their position, the board shall appoint a replacement. the Board shall appoint a member to fill the post, except the Chair, in which case the Co-Chair automatically becomes Chair; and Treasurer, in which case the Assistant Treasurer automatically becomes Treasurer. When this happens, the Co-Chair post and/or Assistant Treasurer position will be filled through appointment by the Board.

Any current board member may present a ballot with willing nominees A Nominating Committee comprised of three Board members shall be appointed to present a ballot with willing nominees (members in good standing) in early November. The new officers shall be elected by ballot in late November. Election shall be by secret ballot and winners decided by a simple majority.

    ARTICLE VI - Meetings

The Board shall meet monthly. A quorum shall exist when six (6) five (5) officers are present at the meeting. It shall be the duty of all officers to attend each meeting of the Board. In case of inability of any officer to attend a meeting, due notice shall be given to the Secretary. Written minutes will be available to any association member within 72 hours concluding the meeting.

Public Forums shall be held quarterly at the Carroll N. Clark Community Hall. The time and date of these meetings, as well as an agenda shall be posted in all appropriate venues no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting.

Special Meetings shall be convened as follows: by vote of the members at a preceding regular business meeting; by direction of the Chair or Co-Chair; or by the Chair or Co-Chair upon the written request of ten (10) YEA members whose request shall state the object of the meeting. Due notice of special business meetings and their purpose shall be given and no other business shall be transacted at such meetings to this action.

Action without a meeting may be taken by the Board if a quorum if all of the members  of the Board collectively consent in written communication. Board members have 72 hours to respond with comments and/or action. Such written consents shall be filed with the minutes of the proceedings of the Board.

    ARTICLE VII - Amendments

The constitution may be amended by a ballot majority vote of all YEA members in good standing. All YEA members will be given an opportunity to review any proposed amendments thirty (30) days prior to the voting deadline. The amendment(s) will pass on a simple majority of members who cast a vote. The ballot carrying the proposed amendment will be issued seven (7) days prior to the voting deadline.



Section 1: Annual Dues.

Annual dues will be $10.00 and shall be paid annually, based on anniversary date.

Section 2:  Responsibilities of Officers


In addition to the following responsibilities, it is the role of each board member to promote and attend association activities and events, promote good will, and recruit membership. Officer roles are subject to change based on skill sets. Roles for each board member shall be reviewed and discussed bi-annually to ensure that they are being met.

  • Chair – Shall be the point of contact for any public relations and shall preside at all meetings. If unable to attend a meeting, 24 hour notice shall be given to elected members of the Board. The Chair shall act as liaison upon many business dealings and occasions and should be an individual actively working to maintain the health and welfare of the organization. The Chair shall maintain an active role in one (1) of the organizational subcommittees and provide additional volunteer services wherever necessary. Association signatory. Observes that the officers stay within the limits of the association by-laws. Functions as a NPS liaison.

  • Co-Chair - Assists the Chair in all principal objectives. Shall be the point of contact for any public relations and shall preside at all meetings. If unable to attend a meeting, 24 hour notice shall be given to elected members of the Board. The Co-Chair shall act as liaison upon many business dealings and occasions and should be an individual actively working to maintain the health and welfare of the organization. Shall maintain an active role in one (1) of the organizational subcommittees and provide additional volunteer services wherever necessary. Obtain ABC License. Association signatory. Functions as a NPS liaison.

  • Secretary - Records all Association business and monthly association updates. Shall be the keeper of all meeting minutes and in the event of an absence, an elected board member volunteer shall preside over the task. Shall maintain the current membership list and shall maintain an active role on the Outreach subcommittee to ensure the community is active and engaged.

  • Treasurer - Records and controls all Association funds and keeps an accurate account of all expenses and incomes. Shall prepare a monthly financial report outlining balance sheet goals and projections to be handed out to each board member on a monthly basis. Assists paid accountant to prepare annual tax returns. Shall manage all of the banking, accounts payable and receivables of YEA. Association signatory. Responsible for funds disbursement at the direction of the Board only after a majority vote.

  • Assistant Treasurer – Leads Finance subcommittee in conjunction with paid accountant. Manages the finances by seeking and writing grants in addition to acting liaison to the Yosemite Scholarship Committee by managing the scholarship program. Is responsible for audit support of the Treasurer to establish a firsthand check and balance of current financial health of the association. Association signatory.

  • Events Coordinator and Assistant Events Coordinator Events Subcommittee Chair - Manages all YEA social functions including but not limited to, Sal’s nights, seasonal events and community social requests. Works closely with the Community Hall subcommittee to ensure any other calendar related events be met with the same diligence of recurring functions. In charge of purchasing and stocking beer and alcohol and other supplies necessary for YEA sponsored events, as well as acquiring and directing volunteers for the clean-up during and after every YEA sponsored event. Observes that the events stay within the limits of the NPS-YEA permit.

  • Outreach Coordinator and Assistant Outreach Coordinator Subcommittee Chair - Manages YEA memberships, including recruitment and special correspondence with YEA members. Engages Yosemite communities and gateway towns by recruiting volunteers and new members. Shall manage all social media including websites, marketing, and advertising publications. Shall inform all Board and YEA members of all critical dates, events, and changes by working closely with the Secretary.

  • Community Hall Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator Subcommittee Chair - Manages the daily use and maintenance of the Carroll N. Clark Community Hall and its immediate grounds. Coordinates hall calendar and ensures that all events and dates are documented and managed accordingly. Coordinates the paid cleaning service following all events at the Hall and coordinates membership-assisted cleaning and maintenance of the Hall and associated grounds with Outreach Subcommittee. Manages the planning, compliance, design, and execution of any hall rehabilitation or renovation. Works in conjunction with other appointed board members to fulfill current goals and obligations of the Carroll N. Clark Community Hall.

Section 3: Association Funds

YEA is organized for nonprofit purposes and Board members will not derive profit there from.

All monies obtained from any source, by or through any person or persons acting for or in the name of the Association or under its direction or authority shall be considered Association funds and shall be delivered to the Association Treasurer. The Treasurer shall give official report at each meeting of the amounts received and from what source.

The Treasurer shall deposit all monies received into the YEA financial account(s). Disbursement from these accounts shall be made only by check signed by one and initialed by another of the following officers: Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer.

Any one-time expense in excess of $500 should be pre-approved by quorum the Board at a Board meeting or through written communication.

No monies shall be paid or transferred from the treasury of this Association, except such monies as the Association is called upon to regularly pay for its current expenses and as provided by the laws of the Association or for purposes approved by the Board.

The assets of the organization are irrevocably dedicated to social welfare purposes and no part of the net income or assets of this organization shall ever be used to the benefit of any director, officer or member thereof or to the benefit of any private persons.

Section 4:  Fund-Raising

When not in conflict with preferential rights of a concessionaire or cooperating association, the Association may sponsor the operation of community events, training functions, vending machines, T-shirt sales, bake sales, etc., as a source of income, subject to proper approval. Fund raising events and mechanisms of all types shall be approved and directed by the Board for the general benefit of the community.

Appropriate fees will be charged to each member, spouse, and immediate family attending special Association fund-raising functions.

Section 5: Fund Management

Under advice from the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer, the Board may approve (but does not have to) any fund management actions with the goal of maintaining and augmenting current accounts. These may include but are not limited to: low-risk investments such as bonds and certificates of deposit.

Section 6:  Fund Disbursement.

Forms are available from the Treasurer to request disbursement of funds. The Treasurer may disburse funds for the following not to exceed the stated amounts after approval from the Board.

  1. Quorum approved donations for Community Enhancement (not including Community Hall projects)

  • Capped at $500 per donation

  1. Grants

  • Will be given out at the discretion of the Board.

  1. Gifts

A. Up to $50 shall be used toward gifts for departing employees or volunteers.

    B. Flowers (or memorial gift) for funeral of a member, or domiciled member of his/her immediate family, or parents of a member - maximum $50.00.

    C. Flowers (or gift) for any member hospitalized or off work because of sickness for more than one week - maximum $50.00.

    D. Where appropriate, but not covered otherwise in the by-laws, the board may offer appropriate wishes of the Association through cards, letters, etc.

Section 8:  Entertainment

The Association will sponsor many events including an Annual Party for the community. Association funds may be used in support of these activities and the Association may sponsor or co-sponsor other parties or get-togethers as appropriate to foster good employee morale in Yosemite National Park. Non-members will be assessed a separate charge for catered functions.

Section 9:  Conduct of Business

The Board shall establish such rules and procedures as are required for the conduct of routine business and affairs, shall establish procedures for accountability and safeguarding of funds, and shall make a statement of finances available to the membership each quarter.

Section 10:  Change in Bylaws

These governing bylaws may be amended by secret ballot of a simple majority of all Association members voting.

Section 11:  Dissolution of the Association.

Upon dissolution of the Association, all assets remaining after payment, or provision for payment, of all debts and liabilities of this organization shall be distributed to a nonprofit fund, foundation, or corporation which is organized and operated exclusively for social welfare purposes and which has established its tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.

ARTICLE IX, Operations

Operating procedures and standing rules for the Yosemite Employee Association and the Carroll N. Clark Community Hall shall be outlined in these By-Laws.

ARTICLE X, Liability and Indemnification

The Board of Directors for Yosemite Employee Association shall provide required general liability insurance in an amount as directed by the National Park Service to protect officers and Board Members from any judgment resulting from suits brought against the organization alleging liability while operating under the scope of and permits and partnership direction. The insurance shall cover general commercial liability issued in the State of California.